Best Movies on Netflix to binge-watch

Netflix has arrived with presents for a fantastic new year, just like Santa. Yes, the latest episodes of your favorite series have returned, and we are aware that you can’t wait to begin watching them. But first, let us wait and see which ones we should watch. Netflix shows and movies have unquestionably altered the face of TV since the dawn of humanity. 

Many best-loved shows, including Stranger Things and Bridgerton, will return in 2022, along with a slew of exciting new Netflix Original shows. Netflix had a very good year in 2021. It has recorded amazing income and audience numbers. 

The programming lineup for 2022 appears to be equally engaging and entertaining. We know, by now, that most of our traditional audience who likes watching shows and movies on the big screen might be feeling left out. Well, do not worry at all. 

Your buckets will not remain empty as many prominent cable providers like Spectrum bless you with deals and bundles that feature a plethora of TV channels on which you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. With Spectrum TV packages, you can enjoy 200 plus channels including HBO Max, SHOWTIME, Nick junior, and more. You can even make use of the Spectrum TV app without spending a single penny. 

However, if you want to try something new and the world of streaming is intriguing to you, then streaming services like Netflix should be your first choice. That said it is time to get down to business. Here are six Netflix movies that you shouldn’t miss this year:

  • Money Ball

This film, directed by Bennet Miller, is based on the true story of Boston Red Sox general manager Billy Beane and his crazy scheme that transformed baseball forever. Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jonah Hill star alongside Hollywood’s favorite Brad Pitt. It’s a moving story of David and Goliath. 

The Oakland Athletics have recently lost some of their best players due to financial difficulties. Beane, who is played by Brad Pitt, enlists the services of Peter Brand, a Yale economics graduate, and uses statistics to attract some new players. 

Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian, the writers, have done an amazing job of portraying a true baseball narrative. They not only delivered a fantastic story, but they also made the dialogues crisper and more authentic. Furthermore, Brad Pitt delivered an outstanding performance that deserves to be recognized.

  • Don’t Look Up

This over-the-top tier movie is directed by Adam Mckay and stars an absurd number of A-list actors, making it a definite must-watch. Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep, and a long list of other well-known actors star in the film. The film follows two “irrelevant astronomers” who find a massive comet approaching Earth, posing a cataclysmic threat. The comet, according to astronomers, could easily scrape the planet’s life from it. 

Before it’s too late for everyone, the astronomers depicted by Leo and Lawrence figure out a method for Americans to believe them. The film portrays politicians today in an eerie manner. In general, it has an unmasked attitude regarding today’s society. 

Our society has had better days when it came to communicating our point, as depicted in the film by both the astronomer’s face and his never-ending failure to get anything done right for the future of Earth, but regardless of their efforts, they all met their inevitable doom, but the entire journey keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl developed a fantastic tale that was immediately embraced by children all around the world. In his classic version of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Gene Wilder created cinema’s most beloved characters in 1971. Mel Stuart directed this action. 

Wilder has reinterpreted the character of Willy Wonka with a feeling of surprise and inventiveness, making him a fabulously amazing owner of the best candy factory in all of the land. The owner recognizes, like everyone else, that he is mortal and will not be able to contain his factory for long. 

So began the plot of a sequel, which took us on a fantastic tour of the massive chocolate factory. The tour was his attempt to locate the most suited child to succeed him as the factory’s owner. This classic family film has been a favorite for years and is still one of the greatest movies to watch online.

  • Private Life

Kathryn plays one side of a middle-aged New York couple trying to create a family in Private Life. The couple is struggling with infertility and is willing to try anything to start a family: adoption, fertilization, whatever it takes. 

The film depicts the emotional toll that comes with this scenario, which puts their relationship under the strain. This film, directed by Tamara Jenkins, strikes a wonderful mix between sympathy and the suspension of disbelief that comes with taking this journey. The plot has been well adjusted to the world in which it is set.

  • Seven Prisoners

For an eye-opening cinematic experience, see the Brazilian film 7 Prisoners, which is a tragic film about the mistreatment of troubled young people looking for work in South America. Rodrigo Santoro is a salvage yard owner who enslaves young kids from rural Brazil who incorrectly believes they will be hired in the city.

The film’s strength, though, is how it portrays this from the point of view of one of the young boys, who end up cooperating with the owner to ensure his own life at the expense of the others. Despite the gravity of the subject matter, filmmaker Alexandre Moratto maintains a raw and stunning tone rather than a sorrowful one.

  • Procession

Robert Greene’s horrific documentary had its world premiere at Telluride two months ago and is now available on Netflix, a quick turnaround that belies the film’s length. The procession is a three-year film about six Missouri men who were abused as children by Catholic priests.

Greene’s project is unique in that the men collaborate with Greene and a therapist who uses theatre in her work to create short films about their experiences. It’s a must-see film on dealing with evil.

Final words

Movies are a great way to pass the time, and 2022 appears to be even better than last year, with a bevy of new films to keep us entertained throughout our covid-19/other versions and lockdown days. A lot going on, yet one must be strong and continue.

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