Best Methods to Smoke Cannabis Flower

Cannabis is a plant that is used widely for recreational or medicinal purposes. After the bud or nug in this plant is dried and cured, it is smokeable.  Flower smoking is a popular method to consume cannabis, considering its versatility.

Marijuana (cannabis) is found in different forms: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. These possess varying characteristics and mark distinct effects on your body, providing many advantages. The effects of cannabis flower start to set in after 30 minutes to one hour. If you want to get high, we have included some of the best methods to smoke cannabis flowers that you must know about and the best way to deliver edibles weed.

5 Ways To Smoke Cannabis Flower

Before you dive deep to know the dosage and methods of smoking cannabis, know that everyone has a different tolerance level. To begin, start taking small doses to get familiar with smoking cannabis.

Based on your environment and choice of smoking marijuana, you can pick the following methods to smoke cannabis flowers. However, cannabis differs from other forms of the drug due to its lack of a dosing structure. A percentage reflects the milligrams of cannabinoids (such as THC) in one gram of cannabis flower.


Weed blunts are hollowed cigar wraps filled with cannabis flowers and packed again. Blunts are larger and different than joints, indicating that they burn slowly following a thick paper wrapping process. They can be kept pre-rolled or rolled manually, and you only need tobacco leaves and cannabis flowers as essential ingredients.

Blunts are one of the best ways to enjoy smoking with your friends, and you can pass a blunt around after taking a few satisfying puffs.


Canna connoisseurs roll joints as the first method to smoke cannabis, which is still popular. Users can conveniently light up a weed joint whether traveling or attending a party and enjoy to get high.

Like blunts, joints don’t contain tobacco. The base to fill pre-rolls is referred to as the ‘trim’ and houses a blend of the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant. You can roll it inside a thin paper and savor the different flavors to get high and lift your mood. It is one of the most affordable methods to smoke marijuana.


A bong is a water pipe used to smoke cannabis. It contains a chamber filled with water and a downstem that filters and purifies cannabis smoke as it’s inhaled. Some bongs feature a diffuser or percolator attached to the end of the chamber to deliver a smooth, less harsh hit as the smoke is cooled.

Glass, metal, bamboo, and ceramic are common materials used to make bongs. Here are the types of bongs canna users rely on:

  • Beaker-shaped bongs
  • Carburetor bongs
  • Percolator bongs
  • Multi-chamber bongs

Moreover, there are two styles of gravity bongs that you can use for its formation: waterfall and bucket gravity bongs. A pair of hollow plastic bottles are used to create these accessories.

To prepare bucket gravity bongs, immerse a small bottle (with a weed bowl mounting over it) in a bucket full of water. Punch the bottom and the caps of two bottles to form a gravity bong. Fill the bottles with water, put the cannabis in a bowl, and light it up whenever you want. You must be conscious about its intake as the bong strongly triggers the sensation of being high.


A pipe or tobacco pipe is a hollow bowl used to smoke cannabis flowers. Smoking cannabis through pipes is indigenous to American users, and the pipes are often made of glass or wood. You can easily transport pipes and don’t need water or power; you have to crush the flower, place it in the bowl, and light it up before inhaling.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are also called ‘vaporizers.’ These are small, tube-like, or rectangular-shaped gadgets for smoking cannabis. Vape pens contain a cartridge and a battery that lower the temperature to transform THC and other cannabinoids into a vapor. This process preserves the potency and quality of the cannabis when you spark the weed. Vape pens release a noticeable aroma of weed but don’t linger or overwhelm one’s surroundings.

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Cannabis flower smoking is one of the most preferred choices of canna lovers. Consuming it via different methods, such as vape pens, joints, blunts, pipes, or bongs, enhances its flavors, sending you on a pleasant trip that keeps you satiated long after you’re done.

The effect of smoking cannabis flowers takes effect within 30 minutes to 1 hour and diminishes over time. Keep in mind that every user has a different cannabis tolerance level. If you have a medical history, consult your doctor before consuming cannabis flowers.

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