Best free VPN for Windows 2021: iTop VPN

There are many countries around the world where streaming content is banned or blocked for various reasons, and access to online streaming content may vary depending on where you live. Therefore, you need the best and free Windows VPN so that you can stream online without being blocked. For this reason, iTop VPN should be your first choice as it allows you to stream all content regardless of your location while protecting your IP address.

To understand how to use iTop VPN to get free access to stream any type of content on the internet without any delays or blocks, let’s take a look at Netflix, for example, which provides a wide variety of movies, series, or TV shows around the world. However, in some countries, it is still blocked and you cannot access it with your real IP address and location.

Install iTop VPN to stream any content, website, or app, including Netflix. When you use a public Internet connection (via a computer or laptop), you are assigned an insecure public IP address that is protected from hackers or hoppers so they can access your personal information and surf the web. So at this point, you need an effective assistant – a VPN. When you use the best, free and secure iTop VPN for Windows, it will connect you to the internet through one of its powerful servers. Instead of using your IP address, you then surf the Internet with the associated VPN IP address to ensure that your surfing activities, personal information, and identity while surfing the Internet are fully protected. As a result, all internet traffic goes through a virtual and secure tunnel, so you can use your IP address to access or browse websites that you would not normally be able to access.

How is iTop VPN different from other VPNs?

If you compare iTop VPN with other VPNs, you will find that this VPN allows you to access blocked websites. However, these low-rated VPNs do not hide your IP address and allow hackers, eavesdroppers, companies, or government agencies to access your browsing activity, data, and identity. In addition, when you stream videos with this low-rated VPN, you will experience a lot of buffering as it offers not only uncertainty but also low-speed streaming.

So, let go of that underrated VPN and install an iTop VPN that will hide your IP address while protecting your browsing activity, personal information and identity, and keeping anyone from accessing it. What’s more, this free VPN offers lightning-fast speeds and ensures users don’t experience buffering while streaming content.

iTop VPN has the following key features:

  • Speed ​​of light:

This means that when you use the best free VPN for Windows to stream or surf the internet, you will experience the same speed as your ISP and no speed lag.

  • Online Security:

When you are connected to the internet, iTop VPN creates a secure and virtual tunnel for all your traffic. Due to this secure tunnel, iTop VPN offers complete online security, because when your data is transferred from your computer to the iTop VPN server, it is fully encrypted and encrypted making it difficult for others to intercept and read your data, e.g. your activity during Surf or your identity.

  • Attach device:

iTop VPN allows its users to connect or connect up to five devices to it. Don’t think that connecting 5 devices to iTop VPN will slow down your speed; this is NEVER! Connecting 5 devices with iTop VPN does not affect speed and continues to offer lightning-fast service.

  • Protect your data with first-class encryption:

iTop VPN is the best free VPN that will protect your privacy wherever and whenever you use it. It hides your real location to prevent government agencies, snipers, companies, government agencies, and hackers from discovering your online activities such as website browsing, download history, streaming, and even online payments. Make yourself invisible with our secure VPN service for Windows, iOS, or Android and enjoy real freedom online while protecting your identity, surfing activity, and personal data.

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