BB Creams or Foundations: What To Pick?

Aussies like to spend big bucks on skincare, hair, and makeup. An average Australian woman spends $3600 on beauty each year. It’s no wonder that BB creams and foundations are makeup staples. But here’s the catch. Often many are confused about picking the right product to get the perfect base.

These products have endless options for finish, coverage, or shade. So, if you’re in a quandary about choosing between a foundation or a great BB cream in Australia, you need to learn some facts. 

So, read on. 

What does a BB cream do?

Australia is undisputedly a land full of salon lovers and beauty addicts. About $2.9 billion are spent on skincare products. Obviously, you care a lot about your appearance and want to pick the best makeup products out there. The basic thing you need to get your hands on is a nice BB cream in Australia

BB creams or blemish balms offer sheer coverage concealing and blurring imperfections. These creams are loaded with skin actives like Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides that instantly perfects the skin and give long-term results. 

Most BB creams also give sun protection and address concerns regarding different skin types. It means a good BB cream caters to normal, dry, and oily skin needs and has specific products designed for varying skin needs.

What is the use of a foundation? 

About 5.3 million Australian women buy cosmetics in an average of 6 months. Foundations form the basis of any makeup regime and are, therefore, one of the primary products on their shopping list.

You get them in liquids, sticks, powders, and mousses. They offer different finishes and coverage options. Foundations can also even out skin tone, camouflage pigmentation, acne, and skin redness.  

In addition to texture perfecting and colour correcting, foundations also have some skincare benefits. You get repairing anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid, acne-busting acids and SPF protection in them. If you’re worried about your acne-prone skin, remember that non-comedogenic foundations will meet your needs and won’t block your pores.

What is the difference between a BB cream and a foundation?

Foundations are heavier than BB creams. The difference between the two products is coverage. 

BB creams were designed as skin care products to treat the skin and even out the skin tone. So, BB creams offer less coverage. While you get some skincare ingredients in the formulation of some foundations, their main job is covering blemishes and hiding imperfections.

Therefore, foundations may be the better choice if you have discoloured skin that needs to look perfect as you go out or opt for an airbrushed look. 


Can BB creams and foundations be applied together?

BB creams leave a natural and radiant glow on the skin without needing a thicker layer of coverage by a foundation. But you can still add foundation to build up the coverage of your BB cream. However, you must ensure that you choose the right formula so that both products blend well. 

You must also consider the look you intend to have with your BB cream. BB creams have hydrating ingredients that leave the skin radiant. But, applying foundation on the top may create a mattifying effect cancelling out the glow. 

The debate between the two products is endless. However, it’s safe to say neither of the two products supersedes the other. The choice of the product depends on your preference and skin goals. So, it is wise to invest in some good bases that include both BB creams and foundations. 

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