Are Real Estate Taxes The Same As Property Taxes? Know The Difference And Similarities!

Do you own a house? If you do, you may be familiar with the real estate tax. Most people call it property taxes because these terms are interchangeable. However, they do not realize that these two taxes are different. How a user calculates your taxes is crucial, which is why understanding it becomes the first thing.

Property Taxes refer to the real estate taxes people pay on homes and property. But there are different types of property that a person owns. Therefore, the tax on each property is different. In this guide, you will learn about real estate and property taxes and even learn how you can calculate them.

What do you mean by Real Estate Taxes?

Real Estate Taxes are quite the same as real property taxes. The local and state government imposed taxes as a source to generate revenue from it. A person can calculate real estate taxes based on the property’s high value and will have to pay more on the real estate taxes. So even if you are considering buying the property, check the Joz Data and get the chance to have the house to pay tax on.

It will be understandable if you will categorize real estate under the property umbrella. In most places, the revenue generated from the taxes is used for local services such as snow removal, road maintenance, operation of local government, and school development.

Other items, such as building materials, are attached to the property classified as real estate. Likewise, the trees or plants that grow naturally on the land will also be classified as real estate. But plants that require human cultivation will be exempted from it.

What do you mean by Property Taxes?

Property taxes, on the other hand, are the privately owned property that may not be attached to the land. For instance, furniture that is not attached to the land, boats, jewelry, art, electronic devices, and cars are some examples of personal property. It is also known as tangible property, and the value of property or land is the basis of imposing taxes.

You must understand that property taxes are not the same across the states and are measured and assessed by the municipal and local governments. It is compulsory to pay property taxes, which is why it is a law, and the owner will have to pay the taxes yearly. The rate you pay will depend on the local government and how they evaluate the asset’s value.

The local government uses property taxes to fund different projects of public services. For instance, road repairs, protecting local areas from fires, removing snow, etc., are ways to use these taxes to improve and maintain the local infrastructure.

Difference between Real Estate and Property Taxes

Real Estate Taxes and Property Taxes are often synonymously, and that may be right to some extent, however, including both real estate and personal property taxes. Real estate is the one through which you can access the value of commercial and residential properties. On the other hand, property taxes include taxes on personal property such as cars, boats, and vehicles.

There are huge differences between real estate and property taxes, and you can know about that from the following points-

1.     Nature

Real Estate taxes are the taxes that are paid on the property which is attached to the land. However, property taxes are the taxes on the property that is privately owned, and you can move and are not attached to the land.

2.     Payment Period

Tax on real estate is paid monthly. A homeowner pays the real estate directly to the tax appraiser or monthly mortgage payment. But on the other hand, property taxes are annual taxes imposed on movable assets.

3.     Type of property involved

As mentioned in the name, real estate involves the real property you purchased with the help of a real estate agent whom you have found through Reliable and verified real estate agent email list. However, property taxes involve private property.

Similarities between Real Estate and Property Taxes

  1. Controlled by the government
  2. Contribute to economic growth by enhancing development projects.
  3. Both real estate and property taxes contribute to economic growth to enhance developmental projects.

How do people calculate real estate tax?

Real Estate tax calculations rely on different components such as property’s value, the tax rate, and the assessment rate. The local and state municipalities set the tax rate and assessment rate. To calculate the real estate tax, check the below formula-

 Real estate value x Assessment Rate x Tax Rate 

How do people calculate property tax?

While calculating the property taxes, things differ from state to state and municipality to municipality. How one city assesses taxes could be different from the other cities. While calculating the property taxes, you will have to follow the following guidelines.

  1. First, know the assessed value of the subject property
  2. Add land value and subsequent improvements that will help in determining the true value.
  3. Locate and talk with the tax assessor of the area so you can learn the local tax rate.
  4. Account for any additional taxes that the subsequent local agents levy.
  5. Add all the taxes that come from three and four.
  6. Multiply the taxes that know by the property value.

When you have to calculate, one thing you need to know is to determine the current market value of your property. You may know the worth of your house, but the numbers that the tax assessor will determine will matter. That is why you should consult to get an accurate assessment.


Both real estate and personal property taxes will refer to different types of tax. The municipality charges the amount based on the assessed value of the home. So if one item is taxed as personal property instead of real estate is confusing.

For instance, if the mobile home owner does not own the land on which the home is based, then that mobile home will be considered personal property. That is why the person must understand the meaning between both because they can only pay taxes.

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