Are Horse Racing Video Games Any Good?

Horse racing typically isn’t the first sport gamers want to be transformed into a video game, with more popular options like soccer or football coming out on top. You cannot beat the big hitters such as FIFA or Madden in the sports video game world nowadays, but that doesn’t mean horse racing video games don’t exist. For example, in 2019, PikPok released Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge. The game received great reviews, although it remains a very niche title.

For one reason or another, horse racing video games have never reached the same popularity as other sports games. There are fewer opportunities for players to use novel tactics or racing manoeuvres, explaining the lack of significant enthusiasm about these titles. Nevertheless, with so few people playing horse racing games, how are we meant to know if they are any good? We’ve decided to do some research and explore whether horse racing video games are any good. Keep reading for the lowdown! visit.

A Few Of The Best Horse Racing Video Games

Horse racing enthusiasts don’t have many options regarding video games. Most titles are too old to play on modern consoles or computers, while other games were never released in English. Still, gamers have a few options to choose from nowadays, so it’s not all bad. You can find a selection of the best horse racing video games below:

  • Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge: Undeniably the best horse racing game currently available. It takes vital inspiration from the movie and legendary Kiwi racehorse Phar Lap, mixing invigorating racing with a welcome tactical element. Alongside racing, players must also manage their racing facilities, schedule their horses, and breed foals. It’s not just as simple as being the best jockey. You must also be the best breeder and trainer!
  • Rival Stars Horse Racing: Developed by the same people as Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge, Rival Stars Horse Racing is another top-quality option for budding virtual jockeys. There is more of an individual story element during this game, as the main character inherits his late grandfather’s ranch. You must decide whether to try and make it as a jockey or horse breeder, ensuring you earn enough money to pay staff and buy horses. The flexible narrative and compelling storyline are two main selling points of Rival Stars Horse Racing.
  • Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing: The graphics in Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing aren’t entirely on the level of the other two options mentioned, but it makes up for it with sheer tactical depth. Players can choose between building their own ranch or becoming a successful jockey, but the intricate horse breeding process is the main appeal. The game has an absurd level of detail regarding horse lineages, pushing you to match horses as perfectly as possible.

Why Aren’t Horse Racing Games As Popular As Other Sports?

The horse racing games we explored above are detailed and offer exceptionally smooth gameplay, so why aren’t they as popular as titles like FIFA? One of the main reasons is simply the popularity of soccer over horse racing among the general public. Many people, especially younger gamers, don’t have much of a relationship with horse racing, so it’s unsurprising that these games are less successful.

It’s not that horse racing video games aren’t any good and more that gamers need a little extra to entice them to play. This is where immersive game technology like VR can come in extremely handy, completely transforming the gaming experience.

Other Ways To Enjoy Horse Racing

You don’t need to play horse racing video games to enjoy the sport, as there are plenty of other ways to do so. Watching events like The Grand National or Royal Ascot on TV is a great place to start.

Horse racing is also inextricably linked with “going to the races”. This social aspect is a significant factor behind people’s enjoyment of the sport. In the same way, horse racing betting is a massive part of the sport. Betting on horse races is excellent fun and can be much more casual than other types of sports betting. There are countless online horse racing betting sites to check out nowadays, all offering lucrative welcome promotions and competitive odds. For example, punters can enjoy a bet of £10 and get a £10 welcome offer just by registering and making the first bet. The best horse racing betting sites even have live streaming so that you can watch races from your home or on your mobile. These platforms will also tell you vital information about how to place the best bets and more. Finally, the most direct way to enjoy horse racing is to try it out yourself!

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