Apple launches invite-only Siri Speech Study for iOS

Apple lags behind when it comes to its digital assistant competing against Google Assistant. However, the company is doing everything at its disposal to make Siri better in terms of all the aspects where a digital assistant is required. With iOS 14, Apple did enhance Siri but it still lacks what the Google Assistant is capable of. Since Apple wants to change this, it has launched a new invite-only app for iOS called ‘Siri Speech Study’. The app will allow the company to improve the digital assistant by several means. Apple Siri Study IOS – Something to Learn.

Apple has released an app in the App Store for the collection of speech data as part of a research programme called the “Siri Speech Study,” which aims to enhance the digital assistant. Apple has invested a significant amount of time and energy into developing Siri to be as helpful as possible. In one early August-launched programme, it seems Apple is eager to gather fresh information on speech patterns in order to strengthen Siri’s speech recognition algorithms. Speech Study Ios Applepereztechcrunch.

It is reported that the Siri Speech Study, has appeared in the App Store. The title of the programme suggests that it is aimed at Siri, but it doesn’t make clear to potential participants what the program’s actual purpose is. Additionally, it appears that Apple is keeping the programme under tight control because it isn’t found when searching for common keywords or when browsing through apps in the App Store itself. Users must be invited to participate instead. The app is also only accessible in the U.S. Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and Taiwan regional App Stores.

Apple confirmed to the report that the app was made specifically for Siri product improvements as a way for it to get direct user feedback. Apple also acknowledged that there was no external way for users to sign up for the study; it was an invitation-only study. More explicit voice data than the program’s current feedback mechanisms permit is probably being used. It was revealed in 2019 that Siri recordings were given to Apple contractors to help them determine whether activations of the virtual assistant were deliberate or unintentional. The focus of the reporting was on Apple’s inadequate disclosure and the delicate subject matter of some recordings.

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Following reports, Apple terminated about 300 employees from Cork, Ireland and suspended the Siri quality control programme. Apple began requesting users to share audio recordings from Siri by October of that same year in order to ensure product quality. Apple also modified its procedures to make the system opt-in, with the goal of relying more on computer-generated transcripts than audio recordings, and to make sure that only Apple employees and not outside contractors could listen to audio samples.

App states that the Siri Speech Study app is being used to improve Siri across a range of products. As mentioned earlier, the app is invite-only and you can not download it directly from the App Store. Users must provide explicit feedback on a per request basis. Users can explain what their responses were and what they were trying to ask if Siri mishears a request.

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