Andrea Freijomil: Bio, Oscar Mingueza Girlfriend

There will be very few people in Spain who do not know about Andrea Freijomil. As she is a well-known model, Andrea is very much popular in Europe. She was born on 29 December 1999 in Barcelona, Spain. It indeed does clear two things. Firstly, Andrea’s zodiac sign is Oscar. Secondly, her nationality is Spanish. Andrea follows the Christian religion with full pride. Andrea Freijomil is the girlfriend of well-known footballer Oscar Mingueza. Her age is 22 years.

Physical Stats of Andrea Freijomil

Andrea Freijomil indeed looks just out of this world. She stands 5 feet and 6 inches. It is a decent height for a model. Andrea pays huge attention to fitness. Therefore, she weighs around 57 kg. Meanwhile, her body measures around 34-36-34 inches. Hazel eyes with blonde hair taker her look to another level. Unlike many models, she has not made any tattoo. However, possibilities are there that she must have made her face better surgically. Andrea’s feet size is 7 (US). 

Andrea Freijomil: Childhood, Parents, Siblings, Education

Andrea Freijomil was born and raised in a stable family. Marco Freijomil, Andrea’s father, runs his multiple restaurants in Spain. Alia Freijomil, her mother, is a homemaker. She grew up with a younger brother named Jorge Freijomil. From Benjamin Franklin International School (BFIS), she did her schooling. Despite loving extracurricular activities, Andrea did love to study at school. Hence, she had a great touch with her teachers.     

 Andrea Freijomil: Love Life

Andrea Freijomil became even more famous after becoming the girlfriend of famous footballer Oscar Mingueza in 2018. They met at a common friend’s party. It took them just two months to feel the ultimate bond. The way Andrea treats Oscar is just fantastic. Hence, they live together in Barcelona. In 2018 only, Andrea started to live with Oscar. In an interview, Andrea said that she does not see anything special other than Oscar.      

Andrea Freijomil: Professional Career 

Andrea Freijomil has made fortunes from her modelling career. Her amazing looks have indeed done great magic. Otherwise, it does take years for many models to reach her level. Andrea has featured on the cover pages of top fashion magazines. Therefore, she has managed to work for Oh My Collection and Alessandro Simoni. She also is a face for the jewellery brand LOUVÈME. The way she has made her name acts as a model is just too good. Not many models can match the class of Andrea. 

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Social Media

Andrea is a huge name on social media. She has more than 21k followers on Instagram. It shows her class on social media. Mostly, one can see her sharing her modelling projects. However, she does also picture her love life on Insta. 

Net Worth

Andrea’s net worth is $1 million (US dollars). She has indeed made fortunes from her latest stapes. 

Boyfriend – Oscar Mingueza

Oscar Mingueza is a Spanish professional football player. He made his debut for Barca in 2020. Many football pundits see Oscar leading Barcelona’s defence for a long time. He is indeed known for his never say die attitude. Oscar is a life-long Barcelona fan. It makes him even happier to play for Barcelona.   

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