An overview of recloser control and its types              

Many electric companies use high-voltage electrical switches to steady electricity flow within their lines. This electricity is provided to multiple customers who require it. Reclosers are automatic and efficient tools assessing the flow of current through the wires. They can detect the abnormal current flow from a mile away and immediately stop the electric switch. This is an essential tool for electric power stations because reclosers, apart from testing the flow of current to minimize the risk of damage, retest it and restore the electric power automatically.

Multiple distribution power stations and substations use reclosers for many purposes. Multiple types of reclosers can be used for different purposes. If the recloser cannot fix the problem, a power company crew representative is sent to fix the problem automatically.

Types of reclosers:

Multiple types of reclosers are used for different purposes.

  • Single phase recloser
  • Three phase reclosers
  • Triple single reclosers

Single-phase reclosers:

  • Single-phase reclosers are used to protect single-phase lines. These reclosers are also used on three-phase circuits. When a problem is detected in one phase, the other two work and keep providing electricity. While one phase is locked out, the others remain intact. Single-phase reclosers are not very heavy and can be mounted directly on the pole without any problem. These can either be mounted on the pole or the steel substation. These reclosers are typically controlled by electric control.

Three-phase reclosers:

  • Three-phase reclosers, as the name suggests, are used on three-phase circuits. They provide the reliability that all three phases will be locked out in case of an emergency or fault. These three phases are locked in to prevent any damage. Three-phase circuits are usually connected to large motors that have three-phase motors attached to them. There is a similar mechanism that is followed by these three reclosers that are attached.

Triple single reclosers:

  • Three-phase trips are very common due to overcurrent and reclosing. Every phase operates differently for over-phase tripping and reclosing. The thing to notice about these phases is that if one phase is locked out due to a permanent fault in the lines, the other two phases are also locked out. In a single-phase trip, each trip locks out independently.

Recloser control types:

  • Hydraulic Control
  • Microprocessor-based on electronic control.

Hydraulic control:

  • Hydraulic recloser controls are used in single-phase reclosers and also in three-phase reclosers. You can only make a recloser work once a hydraulic closer is attached. It is an essential part of a recloser. There are different ways in which plungers are connected.

Every electric supply has a recloser to prevent damage from occurring. These faults can happen for multiple reasons, like lightning strikes, fallen tree branches, or vehicle crashes. In the international market, multiple brands can provide you with top-quality reclosers. People trust them for their sustainability, durability, and suitability because choosing a recloser is a big decision, and you don’t want to mess with it.

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