Always in Style with Boho Fashion

If you think Bohemian Fashion is out of style now, think again. While trends do come and go, the Boho phenomenon is not likely going anywhere. Associated with freedom and authenticity, the bohemian lifestyle is perfect for anyone who dares to swim against the waves of pop culture. Not that it isn’t popular – just take a look at the internet! From Boho clothes to Boho interiors, the Boho life is always in style!

Beautiful Bohemian

The Bohemian lifestyle date back to 18th century France in a rather gloomy way. Due to the French Revolution and its economic effect, artists were pushed to poverty and had to live wearing old, used clothing. Creative as they were, they started turning the setback into a highly creative opportunity!

Artists of the 19th century soon became associated with nomadic gypsies from Bohemia in Eastern Europe. These people embraced the counterculture way of living as seen in their homes, their crafts, and their clothes!

In the 1960s, the Boho movement became a hip revolution in fashion. Loose dresses, nature-inspired embroideries, bright prints went against the previous trend of polished and sophisticated fashion. And why not? The movement mirrored a freeing, happy lifestyle – nothing less from its hippie pioneers!

  1. Palettes and Patterns

Sticking to hues with similar shades will save you from the headache of trying on an ill-fated match. Avoid neon and striking bold colors. Opt for neutral tones, pastel, and muted shades.

As for patterns, anything goes! Remember, Boho is freeing, but if you want to make your Boho life more obvious than it already is, then go for floral and tribal prints. Nothing screams more Boho than those lovely patterns of Boho clothes.

Distressed denim, tie-dyed pieces, or patchworks are techniques also reminiscent of the Boho origin. Only that nowadays, it is no longer a mark of poverty but that of true artistry that rose from difficult times.

  • Clothing Styles

Rustic or nature-inspired loose fits are in. Boho tops usually have half to three-quarter sleeves and are equally loose in bishop, bell, and trumpet styles. Off-shoulders, ribbons, fringes, and embroideries? Absolute mark of Boho-ness.

Flared silhouettes and flowy long skirts (maxi skirts!) are Boho-friendly. If your top is already peak Boho-ness, then you can just pair it with bell-bottom trousers or denim shorts.

Boho dresses are easy and fun! Imagine donning a summer hat in your Boho maxi dress as you walk by the beach. Similar to the tops and bottoms you can find at Buddy Love – only, it’s easier and lighter to carry and dance the lovely night away!

You can also still rock the Boho fashion even in colder seasons. Choose oversized, washed denim jackets, patterned shawls, and lightweight cardigans to layer with your Boho fashion, you can easily enhance your looks with some latest clothing, gears, tech gadgets, and even every carry at today! 

  • Accessories

For footwear, warm natural hues are the way to go. Beige gladiator sandals with their cross straps are certified Boho. If you like to take a step up, then chunky heels with wood accents will do wonders for you. Or why not embroider one of your favorite ankle boots?

Rattan and fringe bags go well with Boho clothes. Whether you choose a plain-colored bag or one with beautiful Boho prints – that’s up to you. Just make sure you don’t overdo the whole pattern thing. 

Even your headwear can be Boho. Feathers, tassels, and flowers adorning your crown of glory can be really lovely when worn proudly. These very same elements can also be the style of any Boho jewellery.

With such a rich history and bright fashion styles, Boho can be pretty overwhelming. Don’t let it discourage you. Over time, you can bring out the Boho-ness by your soul alone – and one stunning statement Boho piece, of course. 

Whether it’s your clothes, bags, shoes, or accessories – channel the Boho-ness in you and always be in style.

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