All about Wearing Human Hair Bundles with Closure.

A hairpiece can be designed with or without a closure. Closure hair is made of lace or silk but laces are more popular among women. This hair is fitted on a braid base to protect it and enhance its appearance. The bundles are worn around the head and will give you an amazing look if buy high-quality Brazilian hair bundles.

Frontal lace closures are designed to run from one ear to the other but come in varying lengths. To achieve the beauty you love, this hair can be styled to your preference. Most frontals are either 13 x 6 or 13 x 2 inches. However, the average size of wefts is 13 x 4 inches.

Most people will note your hair when they meet you. A woman’s hair reflects her emotions, personality, and values. Hair in women makes them more beautiful and most of them highly value it.

When you decide to have hair bundles on your head, the first thing to ask yourself is the number of bundles you need to achieve a stunning look. This is the question you need to answer before you budget for human hair bundles. Of course, many bundles will probably cost you more than fewer ones. Any professional hairstylist should be sure of the number of bundles required for any type of hair.

On this issue, we may not have a very precise answer. The number of bundles with a closure that you need depends on the fullness you wish to achieve with these bundles. Below are the factors to consider in determining the number of Brazilian human hair bundles with closure:

  1. Length of Hair Bundles.

The longer the hair, the more the hair bundles with the closure you require. More bundles of long hair will give you a complete look. Hair bundles are average of the same weight. The difference is that longer human hair bundles have thinner hair, especially at the edges. These strands are equally strong despite their thinness and therefore using more bundles is only meant to achieve fullness.

Short hair bundles have thicker hair strands. That’s why you will achieve a complete look with fewer bundles. It is good to keep in mind that the hair becomes heavier with the addition of each extra bundle.

  1. Hair Texture.

This is another important factor that you should consider before you go to buy hair bundles. For example, two bundles of body wave hair bundle with closure are enough if you prefer to be in a short bob hairstyle. Three bundles can serve you best if you opt to choose thick hair but 4 will give you the best appearance if you love wholeness.

  1. Your Head Size.

Too small or large heads require a different number of bundles. Smaller ones will need fewer bundles and vice versa.

If your head is smaller or larger than average, you’ll need to change the number of packages you buy. The minimum size of a woman’s head in the United States is 22 inches.

Bundles Required for a Sew-in with Closure.

You might be asking yourself this question but the answer is straightforward. The number will depend on the factors such as head size, hairstyle, hair length, and cut. Don’t forget that short weft is associated with long hair.

A standard sew-in requires three hair bundles. This is mainly for bundles that are 10 to 20 inches long. For bundles exceeding 20 inches, it’s paramount to use at least 4 bundles. That way, you’ll have an amazing appearance.

The hair type you choose greatly influences the bundles that give you a natural look. You will need more straight hair bundles than curly hair because straight hair is thinner. A fuller appearance will need more of these bundles than their curly counterparts.

Bundles Required for Frontal Closures.

Shorter hair (8 to 12 inches) with lace frontals only requires two bundles to give you an outstanding appearance. Three bundles are fine for hair that’s 13 to 20 inches long. Lengths above this point will require at least four bundles. Assuming your longest bundle is 26 inches, you can buy a frontal that ranges from 22 to 26 inches to suffice a frontal sew-in. Sometimes, many hair bundles could be a waste of money because you may not need all of them. Remember, a closure is only 4×4 inches long while frontals are mostly known to be 13×4 inches.

If you haven’t used human hair bundles before, just buy 2 or 3 bundles with closure if you aim to achieve a standard complete appearance. However, four bundles will serve you better if your wish is to have voluminous hair.

When buying hair bundles, women are advised to buy a single extra bundle because they may need it in the future. The most important thing is to ensure that the hair you buy is 100% human hair.


We all know what we want others to conclude about us when they see our hair. Of course, hair will greatly reveal your personality and hence we can’t neglect its value in every woman’s life. Many women understand this and that’s why we’ve seen them spending thousands of dollars on hairpieces to add value to their beauty.

The development of elegant hair bundles with closure has helped many women to live their dream lives. Most of the human hair bundles are affordable to most women. They also give you a natural look which serves as the main reason for wearing any hair extension.

With the information in this article, you are now better positioned in deciding the number of hair bundles you will purchase. We have seen that most women will use three bundles but those with smaller heads can go for two hair bundles. For a fuller or more voluminous appearance of your hair, 4 bundles will be the right choice for you.

Due to the current nature of economic activities and lifestyles, you may get to a point where you urgently need a hair bundle. We, therefore, advise you to buy and keep some in your house. These pieces might end up saving a situation that could have cost you frustration.

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