Accident Claims for Non-Irish People

No matter you are on vacation, visiting your family or friend, or just passing by, if you have met with an accident and you are sustaining an injury while in Ireland, then it is can be quite inconvenient for a non-national. In a lot of cases, the injured person will not remain in Ireland for too long to make a personal injury claim. However, here are a few things that a non-Irish national can do, in case they got involved in an accident and it wasn’t their fault:

Filing a personal injury claim

Here is the guide for non-Irish people to file a claim for personal injury for an accident they met in Ireland. If you are a resident of some other nation, but you have met with an accident during your trip to Ireland, then you can file a personal injury claim here.

Seek medical help

Your primary concern, if you have been a part of an accident is to find out whether you are injured or not. The best way to do it is to visit a doctor or the local Accident and Emergency Room.

Call the police/ Gardaí

If the accident was serious, call the police to the accident scene instantly. If you were involved in an accident at work, report it to your manager. If you have met with an accident in a public place, then inform the store owner and file an incident report.

Mention the details

Once you have been assessed by a physician, pen down the details of the accident. It will be beneficial when you speak with your personal injury solicitor about the matter. It will also help the solicitor decide whether you can file a personal injury claim or not. The details which you should note are:

  • Date time and venue of the incident.
  • Facts of how the accident happened.
  • If there were any witnesses, then mention their contact details.
  • If you are injured, click pictures of the injuries.
  • Keep all the records of the documents related to the accident such as medical bills, receipts for anything related to the accident.

The Injuries Board is the governing body in Ireland to assess your case and order compensation amount for personal injury claims. Usually, accident cases go through this board. However, there are exceptions and you should consult your solicitor for better suggestions. A claim should be submitted to the Injuries Board in a given time period. If you don’t submit it within the time frame, you may not get any claim. While filing your case to the Injuries Board for evaluation, make sure you submit a medical report. Get it from the hospital which treated you after the accident.

Once you have successfully filed the report, legal proceedings will start and your solicitor will help you with all the legal formalities. At any stage, the guilty may want to settle the case. Make sure your solicitor speaks with his/her legal team and negotiates a settlement for you.

Settling the case means agreeing to end your case for the settlement amount offered to you. This is the full and final settlement and your solicitor will help you cover it.

If you are experiencing such a situation, then you should visit our website to get the best soliciting advice for your situation. Our law firm will give you the best possible help for your case.

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