A Guide to the World’s Greatest Man Cave

A man cave, the sacred male sanctuary at home. Some claim they are a retreat from domestic pressures and family responsibilities, others that they are just a playroom for men who never grew up. Back in the day, men might have found themselves some peace and quiet on an old chair in a broken-down shed with a pile of stamp collecting or train spotters’ magazines. There might have been a dartboard on the back of the door. Men nowadays are looking for a good deal more luxury than that. Many man caves are now an integral part of the house, with real estate agents featuring them in their sales brochures. So, what is it that gets a man cave the greatest status? What are the must-haves for an exceptional space?

Whether you just want to watch the match or kick back with your mates, here are the essentials that will transform the space from room to cave.  For those with more modest means, these small man cave ideas will give you inspiration.

The Entertainment Center

At the core of the room is the entertainment center. This is the starting point, and everything else is probably built around this.  The TV with a massive screen and all the tech to go with it. A gamer will want to have a vast monitor, surround sound speakers, a console, and peripheries. The internet connection is also important whether you are streaming your favorite game or want to find the best live casinos online. No one wants a glitchy internet connection so make sure there is a WIFI booster or plug-in connection close to the action.

The Couch

Man-sized sofas are essential in any cave—no space for anything flimsy that could collapse under you. Therefore, the couch must be something to flop into and relax on. The best sofas are big enough to sleep on and have reclining backs and footrests. Not to be forgotten are the cupholders in the armrests. You don’t want to be slopping your drinks over the tech or the cushions – you might want to crash out there later! 

The Controls

Your man cave should not be overly bright, and you want to be able to control every aspect of the room and the house from the couch. So, get yourself a smart home hub and a universal remote. Or just install an Alexa and ask her nicely to turn the lights up or down. Your smart home hub ideally should be able to open and close the curtains for you. I mean, who wants to get up in the middle of a good slouch?

Games Tables

It’s all well and good chilling on the couch with all the controls, but sometimes some real action is required. The best man caves in the world have space for a snooker table so you can pot some shots with your mates. You also need a table where you can play cards, dominoes, and board games. The best games tables are multifunctional, so they can be used for billiards, table tennis, or even air hockey. 

Hidden Door

You don’t want uninvited guests in your personal space. The ultimate entrance is via a secret passageway or hidden door. Imagine being able to walk through the bookcase or duck down behind the mirror. How you enter and exit can be as wild as your imagination (and budget) allows. However, if you can’t run to a hidden door, you might want to install a combination lock and spyhole.

The Bar

No one wants to be leaving the man cave to pick up a drink. So, the bar is another essential focal point. If you have space, you can have a full selection of spirits for mixing manly cocktails. Alternatively, at the very least, a full-sized fridge rammed full of beers is an absolute must. The best man caves in the world are always ready for a party.

Adorn Your Walls

What people have on their walls says a lot about them. Choose super cool retro posters or old roadside signs to decorate the cave. Some of the most impressive man caves in the world have original pieces by contemporary artists or project an image of an exclusive NFT artwork. Signage can also be really cool, particularly when it is made of neon lighting elements.

Sturdy Coffee Table

A low-level table is another multifunctional item in the man cave that is multifunctional and needs to be robust and stylish. The coffee table might occasionally have cups of coffee on it (although they are meant to be in the cup holders in the armrests). The coffee table might also host a game of cards or backgammon. It will definitely be sat on at times, while at others, it will be used as a footrest. It’s the all-purpose piece of furniture at the center of the cave.

And Relax

The ultimate man cave comes complete with a spa area, massage room, hot tub, and jacuzzi. There is a choice of hot stone or sports massage. Well, in our best dreams, there is. Even if you don’t have the space for this (never mind the budget), a massage chair is the next best thing and doesn’t need to cost a fortune. A good massage chair is actually good for you. They increase blood flow around the body which helps to clear out lactic acid, encouraging recovery and relaxation. Now you just need to make your way back to the couch.

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