7 Indian Sarees Brands that are Popularising Traditional Designs Across States

The saree is a blissful attire that is cherished by women across India. Every Indian woman has grown up seeing their mothers adorn beautiful, diverse sarees for different occasions. From Banarasi sarees in the North to Kanjeevaram sarees in the South, almost all states in India weave a unique type of saree, making sarees one of the most versatile outfits in the world!

Today, sarees have received global recognition, with women in the West embracing the rich, traditional and diverse nature of the outfit.

7 Popular Traditional sarees across the Different States of India

The beauty of sarees, as we mentioned, is that every Indian state has its version that depicts the tradition of that state. Here are 7 Indian sarees that have popularized traditional designs across different states.

  1. Banarasi Silk Sarees:

A Banarasi saree is a must-have for every woman, and originates in Varanasi, UP. These sarees are handwoven and inculcate a blend of vibrant colors, playful sheen, and textures. They are deemed irresistible by most women across the world, and many Fashion Industries have picked up on these sarees as well. The sarees are perfect to wear to weddings, receptions, and even work events and are often paired with minimal gold jewelry to show off a classy look.

  1. Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees:

The Kanjeevaram silk sarees that originated in Tamil Nadu are another exemplary example of traditional wear that has countrywide and global recognition. These sarees are the pride of south Indian women throughout and are known for their bright colors and the intricate temple patterns on the borders.

Kanjeevaram sarees are traditionally used as bridal wear, but through the years women have begun wearing them for any special occasion. This saree is famous in the Northern parts of India as well, for its fine material and beautiful varieties.

  1. Bandhini Saree

Bandhini sarees are highly revered for the tie-dye technique used, giving a playful, vibrant look to each saree. Originating in Gujarat, the sarees are woven from Chiffon and are intricately woven with this unique dye technique.

Today, the sarees are also made in cotton, cotton-silk blends, and other materials, allowing women the choice to wear these for both casual and special occasions. These sarees have also been globally popularized owing to the unique patterns, high-quality material, and versatility they provide.

  1. Chanderi Saree

The Chanderi saree paints a picture of style and elegance while staying light and simple. Chanderi sarees originate in Madhya Pradesh and adorn a diverse range of patterns, like geometrical, floral, and animal designs. They are traditionally made from lightweight fabrics and are perfect for daily wear or casual occasions.

  1. Kasavu Saree

Kasavu sarees are traditionally made in Kerala and are made from simple cotton. These sarees have now become iconic saree, with their unique off-white color paired with beautiful, intricate golden borders.

These sarees mark authentic Kerala traditions and give off an air of class and elegance. The Kasavu Sarees have become extremely popular throughout India and are deemed a must-have by most women.

  1. Paithani Silk Sarees

Paithani sarees are native to Maharashtra and inculcate a beautiful blend of patterns and nature. The unique oblique square designed borders and peacock patterned pallus are symbolic across the country.

The sarees have a light and shade effect achieved by weaving two different colored fabrics together. Traditionally made from fine silk, the paithani sarees are perfect to wear to traditional functions.

  1. Muga Saree

The Muga silk sarees originate in Assam and are made from a special silkworm native to the state. The process of making the saree is a delicate and intricate one and makes this saree a must-have. The typical Muga saree has a yellowish gold hue to them, which adds a glorious sheen to the saree. A Muga saree is a must-have for women looking to own classy and majestic outfits.

These are only 7 sarees from 7 different states of India. However, be it Banarasi sarees or Muga, be it paithani or Mysore silk, Indian sarees have become extremely popular. So if you don’t own your saree, how about starting with one of these?

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