7 Factors To Consider When Choosing Service Apartments

If you are reading this article, chances are that you have already planned your next stay in a service apartment. We want to congratulate you on making the right decision!

However, choosing a service apartment over any other establishment like a hotel or a resort is the easy part. Understanding your expectations of the service apartment is the difficult part. 

First things first. Not all service apartments are suited for all kinds of travelers. In other words, if you are a business traveler, your needs might be very different from a family which is traveling with two kids. 

Service apartments are a great option for several reasons. the best ones like Heritage Collection help you with a flexible arrangement of stay, preferably for longer durations. In terms of budget and costs, they are a far better proposition than hotels, especially the so-called ones that call themselves ‘budget’. 

In this article, we are going to help travelers (business and leisure). Specifically, we are going to explore a list of seven important factors that need to be considered when choosing service apartments. 

List of 7 Factors to Consider when Choosing Service Apartments

  1. The nature of travel you are undertaking- 

You want your service apartment to reflect the kind of expectations you have for your travel plans. This means that business professionals have needs and expectations that are completely different from family and leisure travelers. While business professionals would want high-speed and cheap internet, families might require bigger spaces and functioning kitchen spaces. 

  1. The duration you are looking to stay for- 

It should be pointed out that not all service apartments offer long-term stays. Yes, there are definitely brands in the service apartment space that offer both long-term as well as short-term stays. Make sure you have an idea about the duration of the stay. This will not only help you with selections but also ensure that you enjoy discounts and amenities for the same. 

  1. The location of the service apartment is important- 

If you are planning to stay for longer durations, you would want to experience the least amount of daily transport to and from the place of work. Centrally located service apartments that have good public transport options should be looked for. Business professionals prioritize traveling shorter distances, as it helps them reduce the time spent on the roads. Location matters a lot. 

  1. The neighborhood where the apartment is located- 

As a business professional or a family, you might want to step out for a casual evening stroll, dinner, or some drinks. If the service apartment is located near the airport on the outskirts of the city, you will not be able to benefit from enjoying the evening or nightlife. For longer stays, this becomes imperative, as every once in a while, you would want to step out and relax. 

  1. The amenities and facilities on offer in the service apartment- 

Most of us prefer service apartments to hotels simply because they provide and come with a ton of amenities. You might enjoy complimentary laundry services, weekly cleaning and maid service, as well as Wi-Fi that might be built into your payment plan. Service apartments offer the best hospitality experiences to make their guests feel comforted and special at all times. 

  1. Price, costs, and affordability of the stay- 

Not all service apartments offer the same price points to their guests. In this regard, you will have to compare the features, amenities and measure them against the price that is being quoted. Yes, it is true that service apartments are much more affordable than hotels. However, everyone has a different budget and this is why price comparison checks are important. 

The kind of COVID-19 protocols that are being followed- 

While countries are vaccinating at a record pace, we can never be too sure about the dangers that the pandemic presents. In this regard, you should look for service apartments where all COVID-19 protocols are followed. For example, check for staff vaccinations, sanitation levels, and temperature checks on the property. This will help keep you and your family safe. 

The Bottom Line

Many business professionals prefer service apartments as they tend to be more private and secure establishments. Leisure travelers prefer it simply because the added space makes it great for kids. By taking into account the above seven factors, you will be in a much better position to make an informed decision about service apartments. Please let us know if you would like us to clarify any of the points? State your request in the comments section below. 

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