7 College Organization Tips for Staying Ahead

Managing their workload is one of the biggest stressors for college students. Between time in class, studying, a job, family, friends, and involvement in athletics and other organizations, college students are busier than ever. 

Staying organized to make sure everything gets done on time is one of the most important skills a college student can learn. Read on for our best college organization tips. 

1. Use a Calendar

Whether it’s a paper planner or a digital version on your phone, tablet, or computer, a calendar and planner is integral. Use your calendar to note important dates, due dates for assignments, exam dates, and other things you need to remember. 

You can use a daily or weekly planner to note smaller deadlines for the week, your classes, work hours, or other important events. 

2. Manage Your Time 

Seeing everything you have to do in a day or week may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Figuring out a time-management system is a good way to alleviate these feelings of stress. 

Block out your day by dedicating certain hours to specific tasks. You can include everything in your time blocks, including working out, meals, breaks, time with friends and family, and your college and work obligations. 

3. Use To-Do Lists

To-do lists, whether weekly, daily, or project-based is a good way for you to collect everything you need to get done. Making a to-do list for every project, especially one with multiple parts and due dates, is an effective strategy to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Use these to-do lists to organize your time and block out your day, week, or even month.

4. Organize by Class 

If you still take notes using paper and pen, organizing all of your materials by class will ensure it all stays together and you can find everything when you work on projects or study for exams. Check out https://tabshop.com/ for custom tabs for your binders, notebooks, and file folders. 

5. Avoid Procrastinating

It can be tempting to procrastinate, especially when your papers and projects aren’t due until the end of the semester, but try to avoid doing this. If you can prioritize things early in the semester, you can free up time and lessen your burdens at the end of the semester. 

6. Stick to a Schedule

If you can get yourself into a regular schedule and routine and stick to it, you’ll find that this will help you stay organized and get everything done on time. 

Routines help you get in everything you need to finish, as you know what you need to be doing at all times. 

7. Keep Your Workspace Clean 

A cluttered workspace makes it hard to keep yourself organized. If you keep your work area clean and organized, you always know where everything is. A cluttered workspace can make your brain feel cluttered as well. 

Use These College Organization Tips 

These college organization tips will help you stay on top of things to make sure you get the best grades that you can as well as to reduce your stress levels. Not only will these tips help you in college, but in life as well.

If you found these tips helpful, be sure to check out some of our other articles.  

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