6 unique facts about the Manhattan

Manhattan is a place that can strike you with lots of surprises. It is not a wearisome place that will make you not want to explore this city. Rather there are so many mysterious places that make you feel more wanted and fill you with lots of eagerness. 

From high glass towers to dilapidated alleys to cozy bars to beautiful rivers, Manhattan has much more to explore. The more you explore manhattan, the more flabbergasted you will become. You can get fine rooms for rent in manhattan. From there on, you can explore the city in its full colours. 

If you are looking to visit Manhattan, or you have already visited manhattan, probably thinking of a revisit, you must make yourself familiar with the facts about Manhattan that I am going to list out below the article. 

1. More public transportation is preferred 

In America, most people have their own vehicles that they use to drive to the office. Hardly a few sections of people prefers to use public transportation. However, the opposite is the case with manhattan. Here, it is known for its intense use of public transportation. People here prefer to use public transportation to their own vehicle. If we look at the statistics, 88% of Americans drive to their jobs while only 5% use public transportation. Contrary to that, in manhattan, 72% of people use public transportation to get to their work. It is a staggering number. It only shows that people enjoy more public transportation than vehicles. It also provides them with more comfort. 

2. Central is artificial though it looks natural

One of the interesting facts about manhattan is its central park. If you look at it, it will appear to be absolutely natural. You will fall in love with its beauty. However, if you inquire about it a bit and you will be surprised to know that this park was man-made. The construction of the central park was part of the massive public works project undertaken by the government in the 1850s. It was not created in a day. It took some staggering 20000 workers to build something so phenomenal. Its construction was based on the English-style pastoral landscape. In this, workers overhauled 3000000 cubic yards of soil and planted more than 2700000 trees and shrubs. This is a landscape where you will find many artificial lakes whose sight will infuse with joy. 

3. Recommended fees at the metropolitan museum of arts 

How surprising and awesome it appears to you when you see that you are only asked to pay your desired fees to visit your favorite monument. It would be a truly amazing thing. This is the rule in the Metropolitan Museum of arts. It has recommended fees. You just have to name your price upon entering. And get entry inside it.  You will not be stopped if you wish to pay more and donate more. If you are not able to pay the amount, you can pay whatever you want to pay. There will be no restrictions. 

4. Real estate is quite expensive

Manhattan real state is one of the expensive in the world. Its real state rates are on an upward trajectory. Once it belonged to the native Americans and when the dutch needed a place to anchor in America, they offered to buy manhattan from the native Americans. They agreed to sell at the equivalent price of $1050 in 2014. It has seen lots of development since then. It has become quite too expensive to buy a piece of land in manhattan. It is expected that the value of manhattan island is estimated to be over US $3 trillion in 2013. 

5. Once there was a non-alcoholic bar 

Have you come across a bar that only serves non-alcoholic drinks to people? Such bar was situated in Manhattan in the mid-1970s when people who liked on dance on the methaqualone, they were served a non-alcoholic drink. 

6. Source of phrase 23 skiddo

There is an iconic building in Manhattan that is known by the name of the Flatiron Building. It said that this building was the source of the phrase “23 skiddo” or scram. This is the place from where cops would shout at men who tried to get a glimpse of women’s dresses that were blown up by the winds created by the triangular building. 

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