6 Types Of Timeless Diamond Jewelry That’ll Last A Lifetime 

Upon hearing the word ‘diamonds,’ some women might incorporate it with the iconic musical number of Marilyn Monroe, where she states that lab-grown diamond are a girl’s best friend. This has been a famous statement, and where’s the lie in that? Most women love jewelry that sparkles, and diamonds are abundant in that context.  

One of the best ways to elevate any outfit is by wearing jewelry, and if you want something that’s also an investment, opting for diamond jewelry is the best way to go. Even the most basic and straightforward outfit can instantly look elegant and divine, thanks to the diamonds’ sparkles. And since many kinds of diamond jewelry are suitable for any woman’s taste, it makes it a more attractive asset to include in your investment portfolio. 

Whether you’re looking to shop for someone or reward yourself with an expensive gift, here are some timeless diamond pieces of jewelry that you can keep forever: 

  • Stud Earrings  

Stud earrings are simple but can make a woman look instantly glamorous, even from afar. This is one reason why it’s a popular gift choice for women. There are many types of stud diamond earrings. Depending on your style preferences and financial capacity, some studs can come with small to large carats of diamond. And each diamond can have its own clarity, shape, and cut. This is an ideal collection for someone who loves diamond jewelry because it’s easy to pair with any outfit.  

Stud earrings make a great jewelry statement for formal events and occasions to simple and laidback days. It’s also a popular earring piece for brides since it fits the wedding gown well. A pair of studded earrings is considered an elegant and stylish fashion statement. So, rest assured that they won’t go out of style. You can even pass it on as a family heirloom to your future offspring. 

This is a combination of simplicity and brilliance that works well. Depending on how small or big the carats are in the diamond you prefer, they will never fail to make you look beautiful and elegant. No matter your budget, you can find the best stud diamond earrings suitable for you. 

  • Wedding Rings  

A wedding wouldn’t be complete without a wedding ring. While your ring proclaims and symbolizes your commitment to the matrimony of marriage, it’s also a timeless jewelry piece that will surely be a great addition to your investment portfolio. The metal that comes with the ring band will have an increasing value, whether it’s yellow, white, or rose gold. The diamond stones will also either have a consistent value or an increase in value over time.    

A wedding ring for women is usually incorporated with lovely diamond stones. Like your other timeless jewelry collections, they can be your asset and be passed on to the next generation. Some families’ gold and jewelry collections date back centuries and have been considered precious heirlooms for many generations; this goes the same for your wedding ring.    

  • Hoop Earrings  

Hoop earrings are not new jewelry designs; they’ve been used as powerful symbols from different cultures. It’s natural for hoops to be more casual than fancy, so look for a pair with a more formal aesthetic. For instance, instead of going for plain gold hoop earrings, you can go for those with diamond stones.  

There are many ways to incorporate diamond carats into hoop earrings. The stones can be attached to the hoop or create a dangling design. Many jewelry designers use creative concepts to develop diamond hoop earrings.  

Furthermore, one of the best perks of wearing hoop earrings is their versatility. They can be worn during an elegant event at night, during the day at work, or while shopping. However, one tip worth noting is to go for hoops that aren’t too big. You can go for dainty designs or a medium-sized hoop for years to come, regardless of your style.  

  • Tennis Bracelets  

One must-have piece of diamond jewelry you must own is a tennis bracelet if you’re fond of attending events and formal occasions. Tennis bracelets are viewed by many as timeless and regal jewelry pieces. They can instantly elevate your simple gown and make you look luxurious and elegant. Dresses and skirts can be paired with them for formal or casual events. You may go for tennis bracelets with small to large carats of diamonds. The smaller ones can be stacked and layered with other bracelets if you want to play with jewelry design.  

  • Gold Chain Necklace With Diamond Pendants  

Inflation has historically been beaten by gold quite well. As you may have noticed, the value and price of gold are only rising, and it will not deflate anytime in the future. When you invest in a gold chain with diamonds, you’re definitely in a winning situation. No matter how the economy performs, the gold metal will only yield higher returns. It’s essential to consider the long term once you purchase a gold chain necklace with diamond pendants.  

When it comes to gold chains, there are a plethora of chain designs to choose from. From the average rope chain, snake, cable, to box and bead chains, you’ll find the right one that fits your neck nicely. As for diamond pendants, a wide array of designs are available to choose from.   

A diamond pendant necklace is a beautiful gift idea for any woman in your life. Whether you are giving the gift of a diamond pendant for a special occasion or not, it is a stunning and meaningful gift suggestion. Don’t forget to check the diamond carefully before buying a necklace. Diamonds should be free of blemishes and scratches, and they should also have a lot of brilliance. Also, ensure to buy only from reputable jewelry stores as many scammers sell knock-off diamond necklaces. 

  • Eternity Band Rings  

Aside from your wedding and engagement rings, another diamond ring worth investing in is an eternity band. Industry experts say diamonds offer high returns, which is why many men buy diamonds for their beloved partners. While you may purchase an eternity band for yourself, this is a popular anniversary gift among couples. 

A traditional anniversary gift, eternity rings, is often given to couples on their first anniversary to remind them that the love expressed on their wedding day is forever and to celebrate the time they have spent together. Online retailers have a wide selection of diamond eternity bands. It may be a good choice if you want to give your loved one an expensive gift. 


As presented in this article, you now know which diamond jewelry pieces are timeless and can last a lifetime. They can be passed on as heirlooms to the next generation. However, when shopping for the right diamond jewelry, you should factor in the style you prefer and the design. Go for something you can wear with any outfit, whether it’s laidback or dressy attire.




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