6 Tips That Can Help You Stay Safe While Driving

Truck accidents on the road are common for many reasons. Drivers might be driving too close to the truck, driving too fast, driving distracted, driving intoxicated, or driving fatigued. In the U.S., there were 4,067 fatalities in truck accidents in 2012, which makes truck accidents a leading cause of death on public roadways. That is why it’s important to know how to avoid a wreck with a semi-truck.

What to do if you see a truck coming towards you

If a truck is coming towards you, start by tapping your brakes. This will signal to the driver that they would like to change lanes or slow down. Prevention is half the work and Long Beach truck accident attorneys advise you to be extra careful when you see a truck driving on the same road you are on, be it somewhere in California or any other state. In the unfortunate event, you do suffer a trucking incident make sure you contact legal aid as soon as you can. 

Now, in case the signalization doesn’t work, and the truck driver does not respond to this notification and starts honking his horn at you, continue with these tips:

  • Put on your blinker

 This lets the semi-truck know that you are going to move over. 

  • Move slowly 

If there is no room for you to change lanes or move out of the way, then slowly pull off onto a side road once it is safe for you to do so. 

  • Be patient

Remember that a semi-truck is much bigger than most cars and trucks on the road.

Do not speed up or slam on your breaks because this can cause the semi-truck to swerve to avoid an accident. Once it is safe to leave, do so at a slow pace.

Always check your blind spots

When you are driving behind a truck, always keep an eye on your mirrors and your blind spots just in case the truck moves over suddenly or tries to turn without using proper signals. Be sure that there isn’t another vehicle nearby before you begin to change lanes or pass the truck. If the truck begins moving over without using its signal lights, then you will want to switch back into your original lane quickly. Make sure that there is enough room for you before switching lanes IMPROV Defensive driving course does not cause problems for other drivers around you who are trying to drive safely as well.

Don’t be a “door prize”

If you see a semi-truck on the road and it is getting closer to you, move away from the door before opening it. That way if the truck driver causes an accident, the door will not slam into your body as you try to exit your car. Be sure that there isn’t a car next to you when doing this so you do not hit their doors as well trying to escape the vehicle. Always look ahead of yourself before exiting your vehicle because drivers may come close or swerve at high speeds. If this happens then quickly get back into your vehicle and prepare for them to pass by you safely.

Tips for staying safe while driving in the rain 

Rainy roads can make the roads slippery for you and other drivers. You should never tailgate or drive too close to a truck because it could cause a chain reaction of an accident which will hurt everyone involved. If there isn’t enough room on your side of the road, then switch into the closest lane that has more space. If another driver makes a turn in front of you without using proper signals then slow down and do not slam on your breaks because water may be covering them and this can cause skidding accidents.

Tips for keeping your car from getting stuck on ice or snow 

As the weather turns colder, you will wish to know how to keep yourself safe if your car gets stuck on ice or snow. If you find yourself in a situation where your car is slipping and not responding, turn off your engine. This will help decrease any accidents that may cause harm to yourself or others around you. Be sure that they have a phone inside of their vehicle so if anything happens they can call for help immediately.

Keep an emergency kit with you at all times

Having an emergency kit in your trunk is always helpful if something bad happens while driving on the road. The kit should have flashlights, jumper cables, flares, or hazard triangles to put up on the road if your vehicle is disabled, a first aid kit to help stop bleeding from minor injuries and save someone’s life until paramedics arrive. If you are injured, then call for assistance as soon as possible!

Truck accidents occur daily because of negligent drivers who fail to use signals when turning, speed excessively through intersections, or simply move over without considering other nearby vehicles. If you are the victim of a truck accident in any case, then contact an experienced lawyer specializing in this field for help.

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