6 Reasons to Have a Professional Install Your New Garage Door

With the increase in YouTube tutorials, informative websites and social media videos, there’s almost nothing you can’t teach yourself to do. That philosophy has given rise to a whole new generation of DIYers who believe they can build, fix or assemble just about anything around their homes.

While basic home repairs might be easy to do as a weekend project, there are some renovations and upgrades that should be left to the professionals. One such task is installing new, trendy garage doors Melbourne homes are becoming well-known for.

Why Garage Doors Need Professional Installation

As far as home installations go, garage doors don’t seem all that complex. After all, if you have just one garage door, it may actually look quite easy. However, our experts agree—there are several significant reasons why you should rather have a professional install your single or multiple garage doors.

1.Safe Installation

Garage doors are to blame for a considerable amount of injuries and accidents every year. In many cases, these injuries can be blamed on faulty equipment that hasn’t been installed correctly. Several other injuries may even happen during the actual installation process.

These accidents usually happen because people underestimate the weight of the door and the complexity of installing it correctly. The risk of an accident is also increased when an eager DIYer tries to do the installation alone.

Professionals have the necessary skills to perform the installation correctly. They also have assistance from other technicians to ensure that the installation process is done safely. You don’t have to try and do everything yourself!

2.Necessary Experience

Installing your new garage door is a two-fold process. Firstly the old door needs to be removed and then the new door must be installed. Chances are that your new door is different to the old door, so the installation process will differ.

Garage door professionals have the necessary experience to remove the old door, prepare the fittings and install the new door with minimal hiccups. Furthermore, adding a garage door with smart security features may be more complex than hanging the old wooden door you had hanging on a few hinges.

3.Access to the Right Equipment

You might only need a handful of basic tools to take your 30-year garage door off its hinges. However, installing the new door might require specialised tools, especially if you’ve opted for custom garage doors designed for your specific space.

Opting to use a professional means you don’t have to rent or purchase the necessary equipment. The professionals have the right equipment that can easily assemble the door without damaging anything or hurting anyone in the process. They also know exactly what equipment is needed.

4.Professionals are More Efficient

Looking at multiple video tutorials on YouTube will have you thinking that you can hang the new door in a few short hours. In fact, you may even think it’s a quick Saturday morning job.

Remember we mentioned that repairs around the house don’t always turn out to be as easy as they appear? You could struggle an entire day and still have no door in place.

Since professional garage door installers have the necessary experience and skill, they know what order to perform the different installation steps in. Their streamlined processes will have the work done in no time.

5.The Technology Factor

Aside from hanging the garage door, there’s also the technology factor that could be too challenging to handle correctly:

  • Setting up the automatic opening and closing mechanism
  • Installing smart features
  • Often there’s wiring that needs to be done and if you don’t know anything about this aspect, this isn’t the time to learn!

Professionals will know what the easiest and safest way is to get these tasks done AND have the tools to do it right. They also know which of their many techniques will best suit your particular door type and tech features.

6. Installation Affects Warranty

Many garage doors come with a warranty. However, this warranty may be subject to the way the door is installed. This is because the door needs to be installed correctly for it to function the way it’s intended. Using a professional will give you the peace of mind that all safety aspects have been adhered to. Any issues after a professional installation will be for the agent or manufacturer’s cost.

Final Thought

Having a professional install your shiny new garage door should be part of your initial plan—not your Plan B on a Monday morning when your DIY job has failed, and you’ve ruined the entire household’s weekend. Speak to the company you’re buying the garage door from—if they’re credible, they will recommend installation experts.

Adding a new garage door should make things around your home easier, not more stressful. Let the experts do the job right, the first time around.

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