6 Must-carry Travel Accessories for Visit in Charlotte

Charlotte is a major city and commercial hub in North Carolina. There are a lot of places where you can visit like Carowinds, Mint Museum Randolph, and NASCAR Hall of Fame. Advance planning of visit makes a lot of difference in terms of fun & pleasures. Smart packing of all necessary travel accessories is an integral part of perfect planning. This article brings you the top 6 must-carry travel accessories.

Planning of a vacation remains incomplete until you’ve not packaged it well. Don’t forget the travel accessories that make your holiday a real trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. If you don’t know or are perplexed about what they are, scroll down the page and read below.

Travel Bag:

let’s start with the basics. You need a bag to place all that you want to carry with you. The selection of bags largely depends upon how long your trip is. Is it a weekend break or a week-long holiday? Choose a bag that’s spacious yet compact, and meets the needs of your particular tour. Avoid carrying suitcases, as they are hard to handle. If you’re with family, you can opt for several small bags (one per person and don’t include kids) rather than one large-sized bag. Today, the market is full of cool stylish travel bags and carry-on luggage for budding jet setters.


Having snacks or dry fruits in your travel bag doesn’t represent you as a glutton. Smart travelers never leave home without food in their bags. It can be used en route on the plane or during sightseeing in the city. Keep some biscuits, peanuts, almonds, and pretzels to ensure your tummy that all is well. Remember that nothing makes traveling more annoying than wandering around on an empty stomach.

Comfy Footwear:

‘what to carry’ depends upon where you’re going. For trekking, you must have special sports shoes, while for a simple sightseeing vacation you can have light-weighted sports shoes. Sandals are appropriate for a beach-side holiday. Whatever you take, they should be comfy to wear.

Smartphone & headphones:

These accessories make your trip more enjoyable. Whether flying in a plane or wandering around virgin forests, having your multimedia phone ensures you have a great time. Today, a wide variety of gadgets are available in the market, which can help you in searching the location for hotels, restaurants, etc., and can provide other valuable info about the destination.

Travel first-aid kit:

Perhaps the handiest travel accessory, especially when you’re on an outdoor adventure tour, a small travel first-aid kit is the inclusion of must-carry travel accessories for smart travelers. Keep all basic but important medicinal items like pain killers, band-aids, antiseptics, lip balm, and medicines for headache and stomach infection. Carrying sunscreen and insect repellant is also a good idea.

Travel documents:

I’m putting them last because they are the most important on the list. Check carefully before leaving for a vacation that you have all your necessary documents like passport, visa, special entry permits (if any), flight tickets, plastic money, and hotel booking receipts, etc. Keep them carefully in the special section of your travel bag. You can buy a special waist bag for carrying such items.

Plan your holiday well in advance and leave your home fully prepared. You can avail of professional help from a reputed travel company. A variety of vacation packages are offered online nowadays.

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