6 Easy Funding Options for Early start-ups

All startups must have adequate funding before they can commence with their operations. The initial capital required at the early stages of the business ensures you have the funds needed to acquire assets, meet the expenses, and maintain your business’s operations.  You can seek professional help to get funds for your business. Check Newchip Accelerator Reviews and see how they have helped many start-ups to climb the ladder of success. Here are six easy funding options that every startup founder can use to finance their business.

Personal Savings

Personal savings refer to the money you set aside for a given period after deducting your daily or monthly spending from the income. As a founder of a startup, you are the first person to finance the start-up. This means you have to use the savings you have kept in financial instructions as your primary source of initial capital. Using your savings to fund the start acts as a good gesture to other financiers, and they see your commitment to the new entity https://businessfirstfamily.com/charity-fundraising-small-businesses/.

Withdrawing your savings from a bank and using it to fund your start-up is also likely to improve your credit score and make you eligible for loans. Banks and other lenders will be willing to lend money to support the new start-up since they view your business as lessor risk.

Borrowing From Relatives and Friends

If you are starting a new entity, they are people that believe in your vision and will want to support your aspirations. Your spouse and children will be willing to put their money into what you are doing, and this may act as a good source of funding. Though the funds you receive from these borrowings are not specific, the funds will help you meet some of the expenses in your new entity. One of the advantages of borrowing from friends and relatives is that they may not want the money they give you back, and besides, this money, in most cases, does not earn interest should they want it back.

Loans and leases From Financial Institutions

Lending institutions such as banks are more likely to lend money to small and medium-sized startups than existing big companies that do not have a good track history. There are several benefits associated with funding your startups at their initial stages using bank loans. Firstly, banks offer their funds at low-interest rates, which means you will be able to repay the loan with interest accrued quickly. Secondly, bank loans come with scheduled repayment plans, and thus, the loan will not cripple your business once you have repaid the loan. Thirdly business loans are very flexible, and the banks will not follow up on how you spend the money, meaning you have complete control of the capital.

Besides this, it is easy to acquire bank loans due to the minimum requirements and procedures that banks have in place. However, as you go for this option, you must remember that different banks will have different rules and rates on their rates.


These are rich and influential people who are passionate about supporting and investing in startups. Most of the people in this category have worked in the corporate field, climbed the corporate ladder, and therefore possess unique business management skills.

Venture Capital

As mentioned earlier, there are various methods that startups can use to fund their business, and one of those methods is venture capital. Venture capital is a strategy that ensures your business gets the necessary funding and expertise from investors in return for long-term capital gains. Unlike other funding sources, venture capital will not only avail the funds that your new venture requires but will also offer the necessary guidance and knowledge of how your firm can become more profitable.

Importantly venture capital may take two forms, namely the Series A funding and the Revenue-based funding. The former aims to boost your company financially without expecting any paybacks. The latter will require you to repay the investors’ money once your start-up becomes profitable in the future.

Governmental Grants and Subsidies

Subsidies refer to the amount of money that the government sets aside intending to help businesses maintain their operations and therefore reduce or maintain the price of products produced .On other hand, grants refers to funds that the government gives to startups or different levels of business and do not expect anything in return. Receiving a grant from the government is not accessible due to the high completion and bureaucracy involved in the process. Thus as you apply for grants, make sure you have met the fundamental requirement that the local government in your residence dictates.

Improper funding of your business will not only result in the loss of your assets but could also result in bankruptcy which could cripple your business entirely. In this blog, you will find an easy funding option that any start-up owner can use in their start-up.

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