6 changes you should make in your house for a better living

Simple and small changes in the house can have a vast impact on your life. Right from the lights that don’t work anymore to the plants that have been dead for quite a while now – everything affects your home’s overall vibe.

To help you create a better living, here is the list of 6 changes you should start doing today!

  1. Update the switch plates

You will be surprised to see how changing the switch plates can give your room a unique appearance. Either you can change the whole plate with a new design or use wallpaper to decorate them.

For the first one, an electrician is required. You can do the latter by following online DIY hacks.

  1. Paint the room with wonderful colors

When you paint your room with the right color, it not only lifts your mood but also provides an aesthetic vibe.

Many research has also suggested that some particular shades can help reduce stress and boost a person’s productivity. Some of these are ultra-light mint, black chalk paint, neon pink, high-gloss chartreuse, gray-brown, plum, dutch blue, pale green, etc

If possible, you can also add shelves and wall paintings to the walls. It will help add an extra layer to your home aesthetics.

In case you don’t have enough time to paint your whole house, you can start with the most viewable areas like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.

  1. Add a decorative door knocker

The origin of the door knocker was in Greece. Aristocrats used them to alert their servants to open the door. Slowly Romans also adapted this tradition, eventually spreading it across the world.

The decoration of the knocker was a symbol of the financial condition of the person. Rich people had deep, meaningful door knockers, while common people used simple designs.

Nowadays, people use door knockers for cultural representation and house decoration. Some famous door knocker designs are Magnolia flower, Round lion, Pineapple, Eagle, Fox, etc.

  1. Fill your home with natural lights

Sunlight can provide a positive vibe in your house and make you healthier as it works as a natural disinfectant. Further, heavy exposure to sunlight in the indoor area helps to sleep better at night.

There are many ways to increase natural light in your home. Use light colors in the room where windows are present and put a wall mirror across the window. You can include thermal bi-fold glass doors to enjoy the perks of solar heating. This is extremely beneficial during winter.

If you have a high budget, you can also install tubular skylights.

  1. Change your mattress

According to experts, you should change your mattress every 8 years. But this timeline is adjustable. With every passing year, common people’s financial and mental stress is increasing.

The covid pandemic had made it worse. If you feel uncomfortable while sleeping or waking up due to muscle stiffness, it’s a telltale sign that it is time for a mattress change. Before the internet came into play, people visited stores to buy mattresses.

These are expensive, and you also need to find the perfect mattress for yourself. But what if you could get a mattress while sitting at home, just with a few clicks?

Yes, it is possible with a mattress in a box. These mattresses are mainly made from foam. They are compressed and rolled up to be shipped and delivered in a box. After getting this mattress, you just need to unroll them and wait for the mattress to reinflate.

These are relatively cheaper than traditional mattresses and are available in loads of varieties. Recently one of my friends purchased a mattress in a box Australia from Zinus and has been really ecstatic with the products and the service.

  1. Keep indoor plants

Plants can add life to your home aesthetics and provide a soothing effect on your mind. They also uplift your mood and improve your attention span.

Studies have found that plants can work as natural therapists as they reduce dementia, depression, and stress.

Over to you… 

Other than this, don’t forget to create a separate workspace if you often work from home and order a good posture chair for yourself. You don’t want your spine to suffer because of long working hours. So, buddy, make these tiny changes in your house, and you will soon start to feel the difference in your daily living.

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