5 Versatile Excel Hacks to Increase Your Business Productivity

Microsoft office programs have become an essential part of every business. Whether you are collating customer data or sorting the accounting spreadsheets, Excel is an invaluable tool, but many of us are missing some simple tricks to improve our experience and productivity.

The versatile software has so many hidden features that might take a job from taking hours, to seconds.

If you want to boost productivity and get the best from Excel, read on for our top five tips.

1. Multitasking

Have you ever needed to reference multiple pages at a glance and transfer information between each?

If you have multiple files or even just pages within one document, there is a simple way to increase speed and efficiency. Within Excel, you can open multiple windows by clicking on the View tab and selecting ‘New Window’ from the menu. Line them up side by side and get to work.

2. Change Values

Another simple trick for quickly improving productivity is the ‘find’ and ‘replace’ functions. 

If there is a detail that is repeated throughout your file with a small error or mistake, using this tool can quickly find all instances of the issue and correct it in seconds.

3. Excel Keyboard Cover

Excel is full of incredible shortcuts and functionality that can help its users. The trouble is that many people are unaware of what shortcuts are even available.

By purchasing a simple keyboard cover or set of stickers to be applied, you can quickly become an expert in making use of the data analysis tools available.

4. Use Outside Programming Languages

If you are not a fan of the typical look and feel of Excel and its reports, you can also export the files and read excel file c#.

This is a fantastic way to showcase insights and apply greater customization to your files.

5. Excel VBA Macros

If all of the above is too simple and you find yourself itching for even greater customization and versatility in using Excel, why not consider learning to use Excel VBA.

VBA or Visual Basic for Applications add more functionalities to your program and offer the ultimate in utilization.

There is a lot to learn and it is not for the faint of heart so unless you are an expert with the other features of Excel or need to perform heavy-duty tasks. The other features make many tasks easier to perform but if you are familiar with programming and want the challenge, VBA can help you to reach new heights of repetition and automation from within the program.

Versatile Programs at Their Best

There is no doubting just how versatile Excel can be for any user, but as highlighted above, the level of customization is really up to the user. The tips above are a great way to get familiar with the best features and further expand your knowledge of using Excel.

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