5 tips for choosing a vogue bridal robe for your big day

Choosing the best bridal accessory is a challenge for everyone involved in the wedding. From the bride, and groom, to the wedding managers, everyone has to be careful when buying bridal accessories. Why? It’s because everything should match the theme and desires of the bride (& groom). It’s their special day, and even a little mistake can ruin their day. One essential bridal accessory is a bride’s robe. The robe is something most brides wear while getting their hair and makeup done. Or a bride can wear a robe for a calming bachelorette with her friends. A hen’s party where everyone wears loungewear, pajamas, or matching robes will be so cool.

The elders wanting to meet the bride will see her in the robe. Likewise, the makeup and hair stylists will see her in the robe. Moreover, if the bride wants unique photos with her bridesmaid, having a bridal robe for herself and other matching robes for the bridesmaids is one way to get a unique picture.

See, the importance of a bride robe? Thus, to ensure there is no mistake while buying one, follow these tips to get the best vogue bridal robes.

Select a robe that suits the bride’s personality

When a bride starts looking at her bride robe, she will come across three types- kimono, spa, and wrap robes. To buy a robe suited to the bride’s personality, it’s necessary to know what they offer.

  • Spa robes are the most prominent, as they are comfortable with a loose fit. It uses cotton material and fits all, making them desirable to the bride tribe.
  • Wrap robes are tailored and use polyester or other thin materials. The tip here is to check the material and never buy wrap bride robes that use rayon or acetate. They wrinkle easily and will require dry cleaning. That is not perfect when the bride is looking to take photos with her bridesmaid in the wrap.
  • Kimono robes are knee length or an inch above the knee. They have loose sleeves which drop below the elbow. It is comfortable too.

With this information, the selectors have to narrow down the robes that will go with the style and personality of the bride (& her team).

It should be within the budget.

A bride’s robe should fit within the budget a bride has for her bridal accessories. Going over the top will only reduce the budget for other accessories. Furthermore, it is unrealistic because other things are important to complete the bridal look.

It should match the theme.

The most important part about planning a wedding is the consistent theme. The wedding theme decides the flowers, decor, outfits, and more. The same rings true for the bridal robe. Remember the wedding theme when choosing a bride’s robe and robes for the bridesmaid. For brides, go for a satin white bride robe. And the bridesmaid’s robe matches the theme and color similar to their bridesmaid dresses. Changing this is up to the bride and her team. However, ensure it doesn’t completely go outside the chosen theme for the wedding.

Ensure the color of the bridesmaid robe is perfect for other days too

A bride should consider this when selecting the bridesmaids’ robes. Matching the robe color with the bridesmaid dresses (wedding motif) is good. However, if the color is not practical, consider changing the color of the robes. It will allow the bridesmaid to wear it on other days, not just for a photoshoot on the wedding day.

A tip to remember is to choose a different color for the bride so that she can stand out in the pictures.

Do consider the minute details of the robe.

When buying the robes, be mindful of other details. For instance, buying plain robes is the norm. However, getting one with extra features is never a bad idea. For example, buy a customized dress with the bride’s name written on her robe or the initials of the bridesmaids on their robe. Also, if it has pockets, go with that one. Lastly, always read reviews before buying bridal robes online.

A bridal robe should be classy, stylish, and comfortable. Unfortunately, most transition videos start with a bridal robe for the bride and end with her wedding gown. So, follow these tips to buy the best one.

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