5 Signs That Prove You Need Help For Depression Right Now

Every human being can feel sad and depressed at times. All of us have emotions and feelings inside us. There is no denying the fact that at some point or the other in your life, you are going to lose a loved one, suffer from a lack of self-esteem, and feel low. However, the real problem happens when you are unable to come out of the same and these feelings keep persisting. 

In other words, if issues of the mind like stress, anxiety, and depression become overwhelming in nature, or start affecting you physically, maybe it is the right time that you should reach out for professional help. Addressing issues of mental health is important to recover and get back to your life in the best possible fashion. 

While you can always share these issues with your regular GP, it is best to seek help from trained mental health experts, that are more equipped to help you deal with problems of specific nature as this one. In this article, we are going to educate individuals on when they should get help on depression by pointing out five critical signs. 

List of 5 Signs that Prove You Need Help for Depression Right Now

  1. Constantly Feeling Tired or Fatigued- 

Most of us work hard. We have to manage professional and personal responsibilities in our daily lives. Healthy eating and a good night’s rest will be enough for most of us to feel relaxed and energised. However, if you are waking up in the morning (or not sleeping) and feeling tired, then you are suffering from depression. Constantly feeling fatigued is one of the most tell-tale signs of depression. If you observe for a long time that everything you do makes you tired, please book an appointment with a mental health expert and discuss your condition. 

  1. Unrelenting Insomnia or Irregular Sleeping Patterns- 

Sleeping is a natural human process. The body gets tired after a day’s worth of work and falls asleep. For normal individuals, sleeping is a natural process. However, if you are not getting enough sleep, or are suffering from insomnia, it might be a sign that something is interfering with your body’s normal clock. To address this, you will have to open up about your feelings and emotions in front of therapists, counsellors or psychologists. Unless you are able to identify the underlying cause and maybe take help from some prescription drugs, you will not improve. 

  1. Physical Problems like Body Aches, Headaches and Cramps- 

As we age, our body starts showing some physical signs. Professionals that work long hours are likely to suffer from back aches, headaches, and neck pains. While this is normal, make sure you note whether you are getting them repeatedly. For example, if you have constant headaches, many people feel that this is happening because of a change in the eye’s power. If you figure out after an examination with the eye doctor that this is not the case, there may be more to it. Make sure that you discuss this with your mental health professional. 

  1. Feelings of Sadness, Hopelessness and Pessimism- 

We already mentioned that all human beings at some point or other will experience the above. However, over time, we are able to overcome them and find positive engagements or distractions. However, if you are constantly feeling sad and nothing makes you happy or arouses your interest, maybe it is a good time to seek professional help. Hopelessness and pessimism can distract you from personal and professional responsibilities. It can also make you more withdrawn from your day-to-day engagements and interest areas. 

  1. Suicidal Thoughts or Attempts- 

At this stage, you need help. There is nothing more to it. If you are contemplating ending your life, you have to get help. If you are not able to address these suicidal thoughts, you are very close to taking your life. You can say that all the above-mentioned signs if left untreated or undiagnosed can lead to this step. Make sure to open up about these issues to your near and dear ones and get them on board with regard to your recovery. If you have suicidal thoughts, you need to calm yourself down and do everything that can help you overcome them. 

The Bottom Line

The last few years have seen greater awareness on issues of mental health. While the stigma is still there, it is important to get your life back on track. Do not ignore these signs as they keep building inside your mind. Remember, that your life is important for many people that care for and love you. If you have any more questions, which you would like us to address on the subject, please let us know in the comments below. 

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