5 Rewarding Disney Vacation Club Member Perks

Did you know that Disney parks are some of the world’s most-visited theme parks? With the delicious food, amazing rides, and endless variety, Disney parks are simply unmatched in terms of quality.

Have you ever thought about becoming a Disney Vacation Club member? If you travel to Disney parks or on Disney cruises frequently, then it may be in your best interest to consider it. Here are five Disney Vacation Club perks you will not want to miss out on.

1. Discounted Annual Passes

If you like to buy your annual passes every year, becoming a Disney Vacation Club member can save you even more money. Not only will the passes pay for themselves if you visit the parks a certain number of times, but you will pay less as one of your Disney Vacation Club member benefits.

The normal rate of savings on passes is about 100 dollars per pass, which can add up if you buy passes for multiple family members. You can put that money aside for other parts of your trip or even just into your savings account.

2. Save on Shopping and Restaurants

When you go to Disney, you’ll want to splurge on merchandise and all of the delicious food the parks have to offer. By being a Disney Vacation Club member, you can save some money and buy more of the items that you want.

3. Access to Exclusive Lounges

What is the Disney Vacation Club? It is an all-inclusive experience that makes you feel like a VIP every time you take a trip to Disney property.

This includes access to lounges such as the Top of the World Lounge and the Imagination Member Lounge at Epcot. You can dine in style while you enjoy amazing views of Disney World.

4. Disney Resort Discounts

If you and your family love staying on Disney property, a Disney Vacation Club membership gives you discounts on resorts. These savings can take hundreds or even thousands of dollars off of your vacation bills.

You can even get a discounted vacation through Disney Vacation Club resale sites. Take a look at these DVC resale listings to see if anything looks like a good fit for your dream trip.

5. Go to After-Hours Events

Some of the best events at Disney parks take place after hours. On select days throughout the year, the parks will close early for special events, usually for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day.

You can feel exclusive and go to these events as part of your next Disney vacation. If you have always wanted to go to the events, becoming a Disney Vacation Club member is a great investment opportunity.

Become a Disney Vacation Club Member Today

If you are on the fence about becoming a Disney Vacation Club member, why wait? With these and many other perks, you can start saving today on the vacation of your dreams.

Want to learn all about travel hacks that can reduce your vacation expenses? Take a look around our site for more tips and tricks to design your next big trip.

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