5 Best Ways to Get the Most Cash for Junk Car

Are you wondering how to obtain cash for a jalopy? Well, we have an idea. 

Now, it’s possible to make cash off your junk car, which is clunking around in the garage. On the other hand, it might not be very clear to figure out whether to take it to the car repair center. 

Stop fretting over your junk car when there are companies who can buy these jalopies for a certain amount of cash! But you need to remember that when you sell your junk vehicle, you will not be getting as much cash as you would obtain when selling it in top-notch condition.

So, instead of leaving your jalopy in the backyard, which takes up unwanted space, why not utilize that space to create something impeccable and dispose of the car in such a way that can bring some cash? Let’s see the 5 best ways.

  1. Check your car’s value

Several websites are there to help you know your car’s worth! It will give you a specific idea of how much of your vehicle’s model in pristine condition could be valued while considering all the deformities. 

In case you know a few details about how much it will actually cost for the repair, you may try subtracting them from the recent car’s price. Hence, it will serve as a leading guide for how much you can sell your junk vehicle! If you want to sell your junk car, check out how to sell junk cars here

  1. Sell privately

Often the car-selling companies lure you into selling your junk on their sites and taking a commission on the sale! Hence, the best option will be to sell it privately, either by yourself or through websites like eBay. 

It will let you obtain more cash from the sale. In addition, you may visit a website, USCarJunker, which will never take a commission on the sale and will help you sell the car quickly. So, with USCarJunker, everything is possible.

  1. Clean your car and take HQ pictures

If you’re a pro at clicking pictures, this strategy will help you obtain the maximum cash for your junk car. Moreover, if you don’t consider yourself a professional photographer, you may ask someone else out for help. 

You may opt for any professional camera due to its in-depth quality and excellent focus. Don’t forget to take pictures from different angles and find the most suitable one! But it’s important to remember that your car should be cleaned from the inside out before a photo session is set up. To maximize views, you should post 4-5 great car pictures!  

Nobody loves a grimy car with lots of flaws in it. So, clean your junk car properly and eliminate any undesired stains, worn-out carpets, and weird smells. Moreover, cleaning the windows and adding a heavy layer of wax will give them additional luster.  

  1. Eliminate valuable parts and transport the car

Often the junkyards desire the metal framing of your vehicle, and you can do them a great favor by eliminating all the precious interior parts, which can be repaired and are still functional. After that, you may try selling these parts to obtain more cash. However, car parts like the starter motor or car stereo mainly have a maximum value while selling them. 

Once you have eliminated the precious parts, you should ask the junkyard in case they provide free towing services for your vehicle, as it will be highly convenient! If they don’t, they must subtract the transport charge from the amount they will pay you. Hence, don’t forget to ask them if they can give you some more cash in case you bring the car to their junkyard yourself.

  1. Ensure the legitimacy of the transactions

You must never agree to sell your junk vehicle without getting payment first. Trust is vital, and both parties must have trust to complete the transactions legally and safely while selling the junk. There will always be different risks at this stage, which might not lead you to get as much cash as you want if it were in proper working condition. 


It’s comparatively easier to obtain cash for junk cars, and the leading key is understanding how the process usually works. It lets you ensure that the car’s buyer isn’t offering you a deceptively low price. Even if you want to discard the car, you must get adequately paid for its value. You should never allow your investment to go in vain completely.

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