3 Ways to Eliminate the Fear of Physical Intimacy in a Relationship for Men

Physical intimacy is part of any relationship, more so in a romantic relationship which can be a committed relationship or even a marriage.

Most people out there seek physical intimacy with their partner as it promotes a sense of togetherness and safety.

People often confuse sexual activities to be physical intimacy, but sexual activities are just a part of physical intimacy and not the whole thing.

People who share a strong physical intimacy with each other are comfortable being in each other’s personal space as well as being respectful and appreciative of each other’s bodies.

But there are times when a man may be avoiding physical intimacy, which can be termed as fear of physical intimacy.

Different people have different types of comfort zones as well as symptoms and at times the best thing to do is to seek professional help to overcome your fear of intimacy.

You may think that there is nothing wrong with avoiding physical intimacy as long as you are able to have successful sexual intercourse with your partner.    

But the thing is that some men who have a fear of physical intimacy may have an excessive desire to make love but they may not feel satisfied or develop a deep connection with their partner.

They may avoid spending time with their partner outside of the bed or not spend much time holding hands, cuddling, or other types of activities that bring them in close proximity to their partner outside of the bed.

What can be done for dealing with the fear of physical intimacy, apart from seeking professional help?

1 Communicate with your Partner if you are in a long-term relationship period:

If you have a partner who is with you for a long time, or if you have been married for a long time then it is possible that your fear of physical intimacy may be causing a lot of conflict in the relationship.

Your partner may assume that you are losing interest or even jump to conclusions and think that you are cheating them. It can have a negative impact on your partner’s self-esteem and weaken their trust in the relationship.

If you are suffering from a fear of physical intimacy, then it is best to let your partner know about it. This helps in building emotional intimacy, even though you may feel vulnerable while sharing your fears out with your partner at first.

But your first is more likely to support you and even take care not to scare you or avoid putting any undue pressure of their physical expectations on you.

2 Work towards Developing a Healthy Body Image and Self-Esteem

Some men don’t want to have physical intimacy with their partner because they are very uncertain about themselves and their bodies.

Seeing the airbrushed bodies of male models and celebrities can have a negative impact on a man’s self-esteem as well as his body image.

Especially if they are not as fit as someone in their peer group or an ex-partner of their current partner, they may not feel adequate enough physically. This may cause them to withdraw from their partner physically.

But if a man develops a healthy body image and recognizes that every man has a different body structure and that he is worth more than just his body then it will help in developing healthy self-esteem and overcoming the barriers that stop him from sharing physical intimacy with their partner. Also know 10 Secrets To Achieve A Lean Physique At Home.

If you are a partner of a man who is suffering from physical intimacy, you may want to respect his body as it is. Refrain from comparing him to any old boyfriend or a celebrity as it can impact him at some level.

3 Get Treatment for The Physical Causes:

There are times when the fear of physical intimacy is rooted in physical factors which can even be conditions such as erectile dysfunction which is treated using medications such as Fildena 100.

If a man is suffering from sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, then it is possible that the man may avoid taking initiative for making love to their partner. Some men see conditions such as having trouble lasting longer in bed as an attack on their manliness, and they don’t like to get close to their partner as they fear that it will make them inadequate.

But it does not, and there are treatments such as Cenforce 100 and Lidocaine Gel which allow the men who make love to their partner with lust, intimacy and can have enough erections and orgasm. However, before opting for any treatment or medication for ED, it is vital to consult the health
experts to avoid any complications later. You can easily do so through the best digital healthcare
platforms like Numan, where a team of experts would give you the proper guidance. Check their site
to Get More Info about them.

If a person has a recent accident and disfigured any part of his body then also, he may be reluctant to initiate physical intimacy with his partner. In such cases, it is best to let the partner heal physically and then slowly ease into physical intimacy.

There is a section of men who may be uncomfortable with physical intimacy due to physical abuse as a child such as their guardians beating them. They may also have trauma from watching their parents engage in physical violence against each other. Sexual assault and abuse can also be a cause of such fear and such cases may need you to consult a counsellor as well as a sex therapist for leading a healthy physical relationship with their partner. Some men may also have a phobia of sex, termed as genophobia which may also need professional treatment from a psychologist.

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