3 Piece Vs 2 Piece Ball Valve: Important Characteristics Of Both Valves

Ball valves are available in endless types making it hard for new people in the construction industry to get the right ones for the job. Choosing an appropriate ball valve is based on various decisions like end connections, seat material, standard, reduced or full port ball, multiport or two-way, packing, etc.

While the intended use helps in guiding you towards getting the right purchase, you should have some little understanding beforehand of one, two, and three-piece valves. Let’s know the differences between 3 piece ball valve vs 2 piece and a single-piece and which would be the most preferable choice among all.

One-Piece Ball Valves

These valves come in a rigid, cast body minimizing any leakage risks. They are cheaper and don’t need frequent repairs.


It is simple to build a one-piece valve as you only need a single body part. The ball valve trim and seals with PTFE sheet linking from end connections of the same materials of the body. Also, there will be some differences in the port size of the valve and line size, providing it with a small bore design.

Its construction style ensures there is minimal to no leakage. These ball valves are irreparable, and it is only possible to replace them.

Applications Of One-Piece Ball Valve

The demand for a one-piece ball valve is low in industries and they’re not easy to change or repair. One-piece ball valves can be used in applications where low flow is allowed. These are best usable in liquid filling machinery, motor fluid filling machines, food service equipment, etc.

Benefits Of One Piece Ball Valve

  • Because of its simplicity, a one-piece ball valve is a cheaper option than other ball valves.
  • With this option, you get low fluid resistance and zero switch friction.
  • As the valve seat and sealing surfaces are isolated from the medium, it doesn’t erode the piece quickly
  • Additionally, the one-piece valve is lighter and doesn’t take up more space.
  • It is easy to shut on and off one-piece ball valves

Two-Piece Ball Valves

These valves are commonly used ball valves. As it is suggested by the name, the two-piece ball valve comes in two pieces, one piece with one end connection and the body. The second piece fits into the first one, holds the trim in place, and also has a connection to the second end. It is not advisable to repair the valves before removing them from service.

Construction Of Two Piece Ball Valve

Two-piece ball valves are available with two independent components linking them either flange and bolt or a threaded assembly. The valve pieces have a connecting body and end. The leakage possibility is high as it has two linked separate sections. As an outcome, the two-piece ball valve doesn’t suit high-pressure applications. Due to the connection, it is possible to disassemble the valve for internal repairs.

Applications Of Two Piece Ball Valve

Due to its structure, it is possible to use two-piece ball valves in a variety of applications. The low maintenance also contributes to its ease of maintenance. Automotive, manufacturing, and food industries are only some industries using two-piece ball valves.

Benefits Of Two-piece Ball Valve

  • The ball valve structure makes repair and maintenance tasks simple.
  • The ball valves are small enough to offer top-quality sealing
  • The ball size is lightweight and doesn’t occupy too much space
  • It offers low fluid resistance

Three-Piece Ball Valves

As it is clear by the name, the three-piece ball valves are available with three pieces: a body and two end caps. The end caps are generally welded and threaded to the main body through PE injection molding and the pipe; and can be removed easily to repair or clean without end cap removal. It is a valuable option as it prevents line shutdown in case of repairs and maintenance.

Construction Of Three Piece Ball Valves

The structure of a three-piece valve is a valve body with two connector pipes. The pipes and connectors link from welding. Due to its three-piece structure, it is possible to remove the trims and valve body without interfering with pipe connections. After you install a 3-piece ball valve, with worn-out components like the seat, you can quickly or independently replace the stem, seat, or ball. Also, their intricate design makes them costlier options than the two-piece valve varieties. However, the valve is known to be handy for its lifespan with low maintenance costs for the long term.

Benefits Of Three Piece Valves

  • Three-piece ball valves help in saving costs in the long run as it is possible to maintain and clean easily.
  • The three-piece valve has a complete connection than other options
  • Change valve seals easily by only unbolting caps
  • These valves are ideal for high-pressure vacuum environments
  • It is possible to remove the main valve body without connection interference, which avoids line shutdown
  • The three-piece valve offers bidirectional and full port shutdown.

Applications Of Three-Piece Ball Valves

The three-piece ball valve structure ensures it works perfectly in high-pressure environments where the components go through frequent wear and tear. The valve is perfect for high-cycle industries as it is possible to replace the parts and service without replacing the whole valve. Primarily, the manufacturing industries also rely on three-piece ball valves for maintaining fluid flow.


All these valves have different designs that are handy for different requirements. Two-piece makes are for sound maintenance, and it is difficult to take out the body without affecting the end two caps. However, it is not possible at all with one piece.

There are also significant price differences. One-piece valves are the cheaper throwaway options. Three pieces are the costliest, but save in the long term with less maintenance and changing seats or valves.

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