20 Useful Mobile App Development Tools for Small Business

As your business grows, new projects come along every day. Every project is like a life hazard for a small business owner. But, there are a lot of tools that get overlooked when starting a new project.

Small business owners do not have sufficient resources and time to build apps faster. Thus, they face plenty of challenges in the app development process. Also know about 10 Reasons to Partner With Managed IT Services Provider.

Our mobile app development company uses many different tools for building simple to complex apps. Having first-hand experience of their potential and limitations, we have curated the 20 best tools that small businesses and App developers should consider for future mobile app projects.

1) Flutter

Built by Google, the Flutter framework is an open-source solution for creating UI and hybrid apps. You can hire a Flutter app development agency and get your flutter app developed faster.

2) Xcode

Xcode offers a quick solution for iOS and Mac OS-based apps development. Like the Flutter app development agency, you will find different Xcode development agencies.

3) Titanium Appcelerator

It is a JavaScript-based SDK, containing more than 5k APIs for cross-platform development. It provides a 60-90% code reusability facility. By 2017, Titanium had gathered 950,000 developers registered. Here, you can access native UI and non-visual components.

4) Firebase

Firebase, created by Google, serves two databases – real-time and Cloud Firestore. With this, you can access tracking, reporting, fixing crashes, and many more features.

5) Ionic

Ionic framework is the open frontend SDK toolkit for building progressive web apps. It can be employed for building cross-platform and high-performing native apps too.

6) React Native

React native is pretty popular after Flutter and Ionic. It is backed by Meta platforms and is still in use. You can develop apps using it to run on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.

7) MobiLoud

If you are running a business on WordPress, convert it into an app within a few minutes with MobiLoud. Forget coding and building UI while using this platform.

8) Visual Studio

Visual Studio, a standalone IDE, makes it possible to build modern applications. For JavaScript lovers, it is their first choice.

9) Appy Pie

Appy Pie is for those who have zero experience in app development. All you have to choose and add features from the given options there.

10) Unity

Mostly known for game development, but software developers can build Android apps with Unity too. They can also use this for 3D animation, architecture, and many other purposes.

11) Native Script

First, built by Progress but later taken over by nStudio. It permits access to native APIs from JavaScript and encourages feature-rich app development.

12) Quick Base

Create, collaborate, integrate, and run your apps using Quick Base. It’s flexible, low-code, modern, agile, and one of the best platforms for any app development.

13) Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere is for anyone working in the construction, oil, health, and manufacturing industries. Software developers in those industries can leverage it for creating data-driven apps.

14) GitLab

There are times when you need help with your code. For such purposes, GitLab is there. Here, developers can collaborate together and share comments to improve the code.

15) AppSheet

Do you feel troubled while using a low-code platform? Don’t worry because Google AppSheet is there to help you out. It’s a complete no-code platform for building powerful apps with automated processes.

16) Backendless

It’s a visual app development platform that combines UI builder, database, and much more. You can even run it on your own server without any limitations.

17) Sencha

Particularly designed for web-based apps, it offers over 140 UI components. With this, you can design, develop, and even test apps using in-built HTML5 and web standards.

18) Fliplet

Looking for a cloud-based low-code app builder with open-source customization? Fliplet would be the best choice. It has some pre-built apps which you can use for directories, remote management, etc.

19) Zoho Creator

Empower your business by developing your own app with Zoho creator. As it’s a low-code application development platform, it won’t take much time to learn and build your first app.

20) Onsen UI

It’s another open-source UI framework after Flutter that we admire a lot. It provides an HTML5 framework and UI components for creating web and hybrid mobile apps.

Low Code App Development Solutions

In a Mendix survey, it was found that 70% of people had learned application development with a low code tool. Based on a statista survey, 42% of the developers prefer low-code web apps using Flutter. This is the reason why the flutter app development agency popularity is rising.

As the mobile app development field is an ever-changing one, new tools come out all the time. Even business models are shifting to keep up pace with new technology.

Yet, it’s the right software and a competent flutter development agency or some other that can go a long way. Good luck and have great success with your app.

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