10 Trendy Rakhi Design to Send Abroad for Brother

Preserved over many centuries, this sacred festival of Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited festival. Families await to paint a sense of joy, happiness, and togetherness by knotting their prayers into a sacred thread called Rakhi.

This thread is a prayer of all hopes and prosperity that are celebrated in the eternal bond shared between your siblings. Rakhi ushers the same vigour every year. Disheartened by miles and time, do not ponder over the dwindling thoughts.

Convey your heartfelt love and gratitude to your Brother with these trends that mark the most prized procession of this fleeting time. Here are 10 handpicked spectacular Rakhi threads that appeal to contemporary trends for your brother to receive when aboard:-

  1. Zari Rakhi:

Zari threads have a shimmer when the light falls on the thread. This delicate yet classy Rakhi would make for a stunning traditional Rakhi to USA Online. Unusually embroidered in coloured cotton thread, and a little Zari forms a Raksha Kalava (or Moli, predominantly saffron in colour). Each colour of the thread of Zari rakhi is symbolic of strength and prosperity.

  1. Reshami Dori Rakhi:

Reshami Dori is an eye-captivating strand of the olden thread that is braded with multiple colours. Each colour is so special that it’s symbolic of shades and phases of prosperity to blossom from heartfelt greetings and wishes of sister. Such a pure and pleasurable experience of Brother’s delight has long lived the trend through designs of Rakhis now Online.

  1. Divinity Rakhi:

When you share a Symbolic ‘Hindu Dharma’, craved in an eternal set of truths. A simple amulet of Divinity on Rakhi for your Brother would make this a timeless sacred thread. Gifting miniature representations of the Deities of Saraswati Ma, Krishna, Shiv Ji, or Ganesha as central Amulets makes Online Rakhi delivery in Australia, Canada, the UK, Japan, the U.S.A, Germany, etc., a very auspicious remembrance of blessed God’s prayer always on the right palm of the receiver’s hands. Help to shape the destiny and fortunes.

  1. Rudraksha Rakhi:

The beads of Rudraksha Rakhi are considered good for wealth and well-being. They are considered to ward off negativity from life. Signify your love, care, and respect for your Brother with these sacred beads of Rudraksha and strengthen your promise of eternal protection.

  1. Stones Rakhi:

An ideal stone is considered as an auspicious or luck stone for the bearer. Giving a Semi Precious Stone such as Jasper, Rose Quartz, or Pearl Rakhi to your Brother is known to enrich the distinctive qualities of the crystal stone.

Stone is the mineral of the earth. When these stones are tied on as Rakhi to Canada, Australia or any part of the world, they could turn to inspirational pieces of Nakshatra (ruling planet of birth) to ward off evil and misfortunes.

  1. Kundan Rakhi:

Such a Rakhi is a form of royal jewellery made from highly refined gold. The gold leafing encases glass or gemstones with a base of molten gold. The reverse of the Rakhi is enamelled with vivid colours, while the Kundan Design is finely crafted on the front.

The rich royal legacy of Indian Rajputs, with Mughal patronage, placed a 2,500-year-old design at the heart of traditional Indian Jewel. Thus, Kundan Rakhi holds divine, precious, and religious importance.

  1. Beaded Rakhi:

The unique beadwork in Rakhi, with tussle-work wreaths, is a sentimental symbol of togetherness. Such delicate designer beads are trendy, and they hold immense significance in the sequence of Hindu Traditions.

  1. Sandalwood Rakhi: 

Known for its skin-soothing qualities, Raki, made from sandalwood beads, has a tranquil aroma. If your brother is a devotee of Lord Shiva, then this beautiful fragrance of Sandalwood Rakhi would remind you of the sacred beauty, which is the inspiring love of a sister.

  1. Gold/Silver/ Rakhi:

The purest metals, such as Gold and Silver, have been considered the most auspicious and promising. A Trendy Designer Rakhi plated with precious metals reflects your desire to bless your sibling. Such an auspicious quality of fines makes it a thoughtful and meaningful choice.

  1. Rakhi with Metal Chain: 

The charm and elegance of incredibly versatile metal chain Rakhi Designs embrace the spirit of Raksha Bandhan. Allow your brother to treasure your Rakhi for many years. These made of steel or expensive palladium (one of the most abundant platinum metals), making them inexpensive and not very reactive. They also keep both their intricate shape and their strength and require only minimal maintenance to keep their shine throughout.


Celebrate the festival of Rakhi with the same vigour. Liberate yourself and let distance no longer be a barrier. Now, Rakhi is designed to gracefully embrace modernity in all its gleaming jewelled and fine-crafted amulets. Let these knotted threads with beads of prosperity entrail the prayers of sisters. So, make your heartwarming stories this Raksha Bandhan by sending a trendy Rakhi to your brother abroad. 

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