10 ECommerce Mistakes That Are Preventing You From Increasing Sales

The network has a huge number of sites where goods or services are sold for every taste. You want to enter the e-commerce sphere and get all the clients at once but be prepared for the fact that there is a more competitive environment than offline: more aggressive, more creative, and more assertive. Everyone wants to make a profit and take a leading position in trading. The online market is both easy and complex at the same time, and it does not always work out the way you want. Online stores don’t thrive because of common mistakes. It would seem that there are already a lot of courses, videos, and mentors who talk about how to behave on the Internet to be noticed, and most importantly so that customers make conversions. But not many people talk about the real danger — the mistakes that almost every second entrepreneur makes when selling their products or services online.

If you don’t want to make mistakes when running your business, the first and foremost thing you can do is contact an e-commerce development company that would provide you with all the services you need, and second, continue reading today’s article. In it, we will talk about the ten most common mistakes and effective ways to overcome them. Let’s get started!

Confusing checkout process

Your online store may be flooded with traffic, but if the selection and purchase process is too complicated, then the user will not complete the order. This error is where the problems start. You need to make sure that the buying process is simple and intuitive at every step. Pay special attention to placing an order when a visitor to an online store is almost ready to buy a product. Simplify and minimize required actions and provide necessary supporting information. Here are a few things that might turn you off:

  • The inability to place an order without registering and logging in;
  • A large number of steps and fields in the design form;
  • Request for information not related to registration;
  • Non-intuitive interface: chaotic arrangement of important elements, error output, etc.;
  • Lack of automatic saving of account and user data.

No adaptation for mobile devices

Our age is the era of smartphones. Now, many new online stores adjust the interface for various mobile devices, otherwise, there is a risk of losing half of the potential buyers. Nearly 4 billion people use mobile phones today, so make sure they can shop in your store using their device.

Insufficient Security

When you come to an offline store, you look through the goods, take what you need, and pay at the checkout. However, in online stores, the opposite is true — products are intangible, so a special approach is required to achieve consumer confidence.

Fears such as the theft of personal and payment data, as well as the misuse of these data, reduce the desire in people to make and pay online. Therefore, it is very important to reassure the visitor that his data and payment information will not be used for other purposes. It is necessary to inform about why the data is requested and processed. The consumer must be sure that information about him will not be used for spamming or transferred to third parties. This open approach will reduce consumer anxiety and doubts about data security. deepdotweb coadmin sentenced years prison

Poor quality images

To make it convenient for the buyer to choose goods online, it is necessary to provide high-quality customer service: prompt support, a convenient website, and most importantly, photos of things that accurately convey the real look of the goods. It is difficult to disagree with the fact that the impression of the visitor is primarily created by photography. It creates emotions in the visitor of the site. Looking at the image, a potential buyer in the first seconds makes a decision: to stay here or go to another site in search of a more interesting option. If you fail to get the client interested at this moment, then you can consider that the budget for attracting him was wasted.

No call to action

The behavior of online buyers is highly dependent on the presence of “selling” texts. A good online store will have similar texts. They always have bright headlines, interesting descriptions, and compelling targets (incentives to action). The lack of attractive and unique offers and discounts will negatively affect the desire to visit the online store again. But fixing this error is quite simple. Encourage promotional codes and discounts on the next purchase to increase loyalty and stimulate the desire to return to the site.

Lack of convenient delivery

To achieve maximum success, you need to have the largest geographical coverage of delivery — ideally, deliver worldwide. It’s also a good idea to offer free shipping, for example, on purchases over a certain amount. If you are selling online, creating an enabling environment will increase sales and push your business forward.

No reviews from past clients

Most online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase. They are guided by what other buyers have said about the product and the online store. The opinion of users encourages the purchase of goods and increases the loyalty of the audience. How to motivate clients to share their opinion? You can offer a discount or other bonuses in return. Then buyers will go forward and share their opinions. If the review is bad, it should not be ignored. Be sure to comment on the review and explain the situation.

Long loading time

Speed is everything! Loading speed is an important parameter to keep in mind when creating and optimizing a website. If the user has to wait more than five seconds, then, as a rule, the potential client is almost lost. What users don’t like, search engines don’t like either: download speed is one of the most important ranking factors. Therefore, checking the response time of pages and improving this parameter is included in the list of mandatory items.

Lack of “smart” search

Search is one of the key tools for selecting products, if the user does not find the desired or similar product in the results, then he switches to another online store. It is important that the search takes into account typos and typing errors, and also suggests alternative and similar options if nothing is found for the query.

Ignorance of the client

Knowing who your customer is essential to successfully selling your chosen product. To do this, study the customers of competitors, and draw up portraits of the target audience. Determine their gender, age, income level, major pains, and lifestyle. Knowing the pains and desires of customers will allow you to correctly select a marketing strategy, reveal the benefits of the product, and increase sales.

Final Thoughts

If you are selling online, creating an enabling environment will increase sales and push your business forward. Carefully check the online store for the above errors and make efforts to correct them, as well as contact professionals in the creation of e-commerce platforms, and in this case, you will feel a positive result.

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